The make-up artist Ariana Grande reveals the tip of your eyeliner


  • The make-up artist Ariana Grande has had how to get your ‘eyeliner’ most iconic
  • You need to practice, but there is a trick that will make it a lot easier

    Few things are more desired that an ‘eyeliner’ perfect, symmetrical and uniform as the Ariana Grande, who has already become iconic of all of its ‘lookazos’ beauty. Yes, there is nothing that is going to get without a good technique and, of course, many attempts. What better time than now to practice that which we have always wanted to do and for what they never find the time? For example, testing beauty products, make the manicure more ‘cool’ of the summer and even teñirnos hair like just make Dua Lipa.

    If something has become clear is that, when we get out of the confinement and we can, finally, make planazos, it’s not going to be a trend that we do not dare to look. And that includes the ‘eyeliner’ Ariana Grande: it turns out that his make-upDaniel Chinchilla, has revealed the trick final to get the stripe from the eye to us it looks like the singer. And it can’t be easier!

    The trick to get the ‘eyeliner’ Ariana Grande

    Well, the ‘makeup artist’, who started to work with the diva about seven years ago, has told in an interview to Popsugar that the ‘cat eye’ which characterizes it, has evolved. “At the beginning we were looking for something more natural, but as time has passed we have been established until get a curve iconic,” he says.

    Now, what is the trick beyond the pure practice? In the first place, choosing the right product, it’s recommended to choose an ‘eyeliner’ fine, to be able to draw the line more accurately. After, use masking tape as a guide. Yes, as you read: it is to take a strip of zeal small and place it in the corner of the eye with the inclination that you like. So your path will not be diverted, and you’ll get a line symmetrical on both sides.

    Here it is! It’s as easy as that. Although, be warned, it is likely that you will not quit the first time, but time to spare us these days to practice and show off a ‘makeup’ worthy of an artist when you finish confinement. Cheer up!