The new original story of Disney already has a release date

Disney announced Monday morning, more changes in the release dates of their upcoming animated films, delaying the launch of the ‘Soul’ of Pixar and confirm release date of ‘Line and the Last Dragon’ of Disney Animation.

The decision is a sequence due to the closure of the theaters by the coronavirus.

‘Soul’, whose launch was scheduled for June, will be released on November 20. Causing a delay in the movie that had been announced for that date.

‘Stripe and the Last Dragon’, was scheduled to debut the weekend of thanksgiving Day american, but now suffered a delay of almost 4 months.

Confirm release date of ‘Line and the Last Dragon’ and this will be brought to the march 12, 2021, filling a hole in a film, live-action Disney without a title that has now been removed from the schedule, or rather delayed.

It was during the D23 when Disney announced their new animated movie called ‘Line and the Last Dragon’, which was rumoured, which is based on the movie ‘Dragon Empire’ that was in production previously.

With a script written by Adele Lim, ‘Crazy Rich Asian’s’, the history will continue at Bay in their quest to find the last dragon. The film is inspired by the southeast asia and combine the classics of Disney’s action movies from Hong Kong.

Stripe will be performed by Cassie Steele, known for her role on Degrassi and Awkwafina, ‘Crazy Rich Asian’, construed the dragon, which will be called Sisu.

The new date for the premiere of ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, will be the 12 of march of 2021.

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