The referents of J Balvin born in the Girl Power: Dua Lipa, Rosalia, Lady Gaga and other divas that inspire your success | Today


To say that J Balvin it is a benchmark international is to share a truth as a temple. And not only what we say, but the certifications obtained and the figures which he has gathered in every one of their projects.

The colombian started to get into music in 2004, and since then has met with your letter of to become a milestone in this history. Like some of its peers, such as Bad Bunny, and Ozuna, have marked a before and after to inspire future generations, thus demonstrating that the reggaeton and machismo do not have to go hand in hand always.

But what is certain is that behind some of these successes Balvin that both we have danced at a party, it hides a cast of female artists that inspire you. J Balvin has never hidden. There are many female figures that have marked his youth, and that, therefore, today are reflected in their projects. So much so that we can read them in many of his verses.

In LOS40 we have reviewed their discography to know which names have been related in the life of the colombian and they have got today the Planet Earth don’t frown when you hear the name of J Balvin. itGirl Power in a pure state!

The first that we find is Celia Cruz, the cuban artist known, among other things, by the interpretation of your theme Sugar. Yes, the legend that both sweetens our parties. As the name of this legend we can read in the first verse that mentions J Balvin in I Like Itthe topic that shares Bad Bunny and Cardi B. In particular, says the following: “As Celia Cruz I have the sugar (sugar)”. That sounds like, right? Because this is not the only diva international you hear in these verses. If we continue to advance, the name of Lady Gaga unexpectedly appears with a reference to one of their biggest hits. “Pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi, like I’m Lady Gaga”sings the of Medellín. I follow!

In October of 2019, he gave us the most Latin of The Rhythm Of The Night next to Black Eyed Peas in PACEand creénos, left no one indifferent. But what highlight of his verses is the mention of their friend and colleague Rosalia. “The Rosalia me says that I look cool”says. What is certain is that the friendship between the two is one of the milestones most unexpected, who has given us the music. From their friendship emerged With Height, a topic that has conquered indefinitely the lists of international hits.

But Rosalia is not the only diva today that it has conquered and inspired our protagonist. What sounds like the verse of “You’re my Dua Lipa, loose mommy, you know you are rich”? This verse came in at number 1, LOS40, in particular, through the theme Undecided that Balvin shares with Lalo Ebratt and Reik. It is not surprising that the interpreter of Don’t Start Now it also has influenced in the styles and tastes of the colombian. It inspires anyone!

But Medellin has also been bold with some of the couples that have starred in the musical industry. In Sensualitythe song Bad Bunny, you sound the verses of “As Selena and The Weeknd, as Shakira and Pique”. We have to remember that we could know the love between Selena and The Weeknd back in 2017 and that, although currently have taken separate paths, many remember her as one of the couples most beloved. Until the own J Balvin!

If there is something that we are all aware that to succeed in the music industry is a challenging task that only a few manage to overcome. J Balvin has done, but through his song Music Industry reflects the dark side of this field: the haters. “Criticized Shakira, now he’s on tour”, dicta in one of its verses. Funny thing is that today we can substitute the name of your kinswoman by J Balvin and the sentence still makes sense. The criticism will rain down, but their success prevails over all of them.

BONUS TRACK: It seems that not only will the divas have inspired the colombian. To own Anabelle what has been done. Yes, this character of terror has starred in your nightmares. “More bad than Anabelle, dancing, and all you do chorus”, they say their verses in Machika. Are you equally traumatized that Balvin?

Let’s face it: the music of J Balvin form part of the life of all of us, even those who can’t get left to like by the rhythms of reggaeton. Whether on a birthday, on a television program or in the disco. At least one of the songs of our protagonist has been called to our attention for a few minutes. For many, these minutes ended up turning into hours. What of all your songs is your favorite?