The sad reason why Johnny Depp opened Instagram, its first social network

The actor gave a powerful message.

If you are one of those who during this quarantine has fallen into the temptation and be a part of the ranks of the users of Tik Tok, maybe you can understand Johnny Depp, who shocked all her fans when you open your account on Instagram, your first social network.

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In the midst of the legal fight with his ex, Amber Heard, the actor made his debut in the social networks and did to give an important message to all who are going through the pandemic that has the whole world in check.

Great hosting was Depp, who in just a couple of hours amounted to 2 million followers, who await with curiosity the type of content that will be going up the actor.

The sad reason why Johnny Depp opened Instagram, its first social network 1

The first post of Depp was a photo that announced his arrival on the social network, in addition to advised them that I was recording.

The second publication was a video of eight minutes in which he spoke of the situation of the coronavirus: “Hello everyone. This is my first experience in the world of social networking. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t think they felt any particular reason to do so up to an hour. Now is the time to open a dialog, when the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused immeasurable tragedy and an enormous damage in the lives of people”.

The interpreter of ‘Jack Sparrow’ lamented the global situation in which we are living:”Many can’t provide for their families… Some have lost their jobs… business… Some, many even now are living in the streets without protection, without refuge, without any option to escape””.

Finally, the musician thanked the support of his fans:”Thank you for your kindness, your unwavering support and strength throughout these years. I am moved beyond words””.

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