The uncertain future of the Universe-Extended DC


In 2006, she came to the big screen the film Superman Returns: The returnthat was intended from the facts narrated in the Superman II (1980), with Brandon Routh as the protagonist, as if the other two movies of the saga starring Christopher Reeve never would have happened. However, the experiment was a resounding failure. Fortunately, the previous year had premiered Batman Beginsstarring Christian Balethat was the starting gun for a film saga about the man bat who would continue with the film The dark knight (2008) and would come to an end with the feature film The knight dark: The legend is reborn (2012).

The problem is that when the trilogy of Batman he came to his end, Marvel had already launched its own movie universe, which had already seen the light Iron Man, The incredible Hulk (both premiered in 2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor, Captain America: The first Avenger (the two filed in 2011) and The Avengers (2012), reaping a great success by the way. It was clear that, if I wanted to get to tackle its main competitor, DC he had to have his own movie universe shared.

Taking into account that Superman is the character most iconic of DChad a lot of sense for the movie The man of steel (2013), starring Henry Cavillwas right for the kick off to the Universe Extended of DC (DCEU). Although the film received opinions mixed, both by the critics and the general public, at least, were sufficiently favorable to continue with the saga. However, Batman v Superman: dawn of justice (2016), in which Henry Cavill he repeated his role as the man of steel, while Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot they made their debut as Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively, has disappointed a large part of the followers. Something similar happened with Suicide Squad (2016), despite having Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn and with Will Smith as Deadshot. In Justice league (2017), a Flash played by Ezra Millera Aquaman incarnate by Jason Momoa and a Cyborg to which she gave life Ray Fisher joined forces with the actors already mentioned Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman without getting the desired success, which made the Universe Extended of DC began to falter.

Luckily, things improved with the premieres of Wonder Woman (2017), Aquaman (2018) and ¡Shazam! (2019), a film starring Zachary Levisince these three films managed that the public was willing to give a new opportunity to the franchise. Something similar happened with the movie Joker, role played by Joaquin Phoenixalthough this film seems to go for free and do not form part of the Universe Extended of DC. However, Birds of Prey and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn (released this year) has accumulated a large number of negative reviews, despite to count on Margot Robbie as the main character.

However, things began to get complicated truth, when Ben Affleck ended by resigning to return to donning the robe of the man bat, despite the fact that I was working on a script, as they seemed unable to find the right approach for the film. As we already know, in the summer of next year, Robert Pattinson it will be the actor in charge of replacing it, even if will give life to a version more young and inexperienced of Batman.

The case of Henry Cavill it is one of the most controversial, because it has not yet been entirely clear if he will return to play Superman or not. In the beginning, we were able to see the character with his head appropriately suppressed in the film ¡Shazam!but some rumors point out that you could have an appearance more prominent in the future movie Black Adam(which see the light of day in December of the next year), starring Dwayne Johnsonalthough we do not know if it will be with the face of Henry Cavill or not. It is also considering the option of giving the helm to other iconic characters DC, as the rider’s most famous of the publisher, who will return to the big screen with Wonder Woman 1984 (this summer) or Supergirl, which is preparing a new film project.

Not paint things very well for Aquaman 2 (that will see the light at the end of 2022), as Amber Heard, who plays Mereseems to be out of the project, since the actress has managed to turn the people against him after the discovery that the allegations of abuse launched against her husband Johnny Depp were completely false.

To prevent the Universe Extended of DC from collapsing, it is best to look for an excuse for the many changes of faces, something that was intended to resolve with the movie Flashpoint (whose premiere was scheduled for the summer of 2022), based on the adventure of the same name of the comic in which Barry Allen travel to the past to prevent the death of his mother, which causes various changes in the timeline. The idea was original it was that this film will erase the continuity of all those films that have failed in the DCEU. The problem is that it is not at all certain that the Barry Allen of Ezra Miller go on to star in the film, as the recording of a recent altercation with a fan, to which he strangled her to death and threw her to the ground, he has done a disservice to the actor. In personal opinion of this writer, things are getting crazy, as it seems to me more a pantomime than a real assault, although witnesses of the incident does not seem to agree with that.

Does the Universe-Extended DC has been the victim of an accumulation of adverse circumstances or, perhaps, you never should have tried to emulate the formula of the UCM? We will have to wait to find out.