These are the three creams that use makeup artists from the famous to get a lifting effect and a skin tight (without retouching or botox) before you start with the base

No matter your nationality, whatever your style is, or what the mark of beauty for which they work. All the makeup artists, without exception, claim that the key to any makeup look is to prepare the skin beforehand, moisturizing it as it is due. That’s why they always arrange the faces of models, celebrities, and influencers before applying any color product and, in fact, some experts of the make-up ensures that a good moisturizer and / or provide a lifting effect before make-up is the best flash product they can use on their clients.

Pati Dubrof, who is the makeup artist’s usual Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra, Jonas and Kate Bosworth, and more has come to ensure that you prepare the skin of these actresses for at least 40 minutes before you start with the process of makeup, itself. And, although we do not expect that your invest so much time in your day-to-day before applying your makeup, yes you can be sure that the skin is like a canvas and you, the better hydrated you are, the better will be the makeup on her, she is cuarteará and not will crop your wrinkles in a short time.

The Cream of Augustinus Baber (225 €). The Moisturizing Soft Cream from La Mer (260 €). Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream from Sisley (122 €).

The Cream of Augustinus Baber (225 €). The Moisturizing Soft Cream from La Mer (260 €). Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream from Sisley (122 €).

Choose formulas that are moisturizing but not greasy, and is absorbed quickly so you don’t have to wait too long before applying the concealer and the foundation. And best if in its formulation include any asset that provides luminosity on your skin because, despite the fact that you go to finish your look with a touch of illuminator, a skin that radiates light from the inside is always welcome. The podium of choice for makeup artists make up Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream from Sisley, for its formula is very lightweight, which is great for providing brightness and a nice lifting effect; The Cream of Augustinian Baber, whose rich texture moisturizes the skin while adding a healthy glow, and The Moisturizing Soft Cream from La Mer that hydrates, brightens and leaves the skin elastic, without that feeling fat that can leave other rich creams.

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