Tv Series – The ranking with the clothing most famous


Confinement and nesting are part of the same equation since it decrees the State of Alarm. The global health emergency caused by the disease Covid-19 has made our Sundays are (still) more Sundays. We spent the day in pajamas [¿y qué?], we’ve become real foodies, and we have discovered that a snack indoor and video call through it is also not so bad.

In addition, the television has become one of our windows to the world #DíasExtraordinarios. We are anxious to devour all the latest in a series that brought us platforms such as Netflix. Fictions such as The House of Paper or a classic like Friends invite us to immerse ourselves in universes as diverse as comedy, drama or suspense. The entertainment as the common thread, yes, on the day prior to the official commencement of the week. Frames that hook us and allow us to love or hate his characters; for his character and, even, by his particular sense of aesthetics. Don’t you want to do with frames that spent professor Sergio Marquina? And, what’s with the beret Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders or sunglasses with crystals smoked Rock Narcos?

The main characters of your favorite series, by a very timeless or anachronistic that it’s their historical context will always keep certain aesthetic similarities with the stage in which we live. Is it not the fashion of the 70’s all an exercise in elegance for the modern man? Who of us would say that we would like to the gabardine of Colombo or the bomber stamped Will Smith in The prince of Bel-Air? If the answer is yes, here is a look at some of the garments most legendary and iconic tv series.

The hat of Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

Anyone who has seen the series, sure you remember that moment in that Walter White put the hat to become Heisenberg. Now you too can bring out your dark side recreating that iconic scene Breaking Bad.

The reversible jacket of the Prince of Bel-Air

Sets noventeros of Will Smith in the series are all an ode to the very best in aesthetic bequeathed to us by that time. But if there is one garment that will go down in history, that is lto american that the actor makes it reversible to take it up with the lining on the outside. A fantasy that Smith has managed to monetize through a bomber with the same pattern and that belongs to its own brand: Bel-Air Athletics.

The Polo shirt in Elite

If you also have you hooked on the series during the quarantine, surely you have noticed that your main characters have, plus lots of pasta, lots of style. This Polo shirt is proof of that and we want to.

The glasses of Javier Pena in Narcos

Sunglasses type aviator, with its tinted yellow are not only the obsession of the inspector Peña, no. They have also become one of the accessories most in demand by the guys with the most roll of any beach destination in the summer. The attitude and the reminiscences aesthetic own of the decades of the 60s and 70s of the last century there are two things that never go out of fashion. Because classics like this are unbeatable.

The mono red The House of Paper

If you’ve always dreamed of joining the squadron The House of Paper and until you have your name on key thought, now you have the opportunity to make you with the iconic mono red. Ready to give your first blow with the professor.

The coat of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock

Being a fan of the series Sherlock it involves not only being connected to the mysteries the detective solves it with the help of his inseparable Watson, also means to admire the impeccable style british of the protagonist. The easiest way to imitate it: do it with a coat of double-breasted.

The jacket multilayers of Joey in Friends

When this jacket multilayers paraded on the catwalk of Balenciaga in 2018, the image that came to mind was this scene from Friends Joey coming in the door. Unfortunately, the jacket in question is no longer available, but you can get a parka very similar on which to build the styling.

The t-shirt of Dustin in Stranger Things

Regardless of who is your favorite character Stranger Things, sure that you have a special liking to the character of Gaten Matarazzo. What if we tell you that you can do with the t-shirt of Dustin?

The raincoat of detective Colombo

Who does not remember the detective of the hoarse voice, looking lanky and pure, supported on the corner of his lips? The detective Colombo always solved the cases more twisted of The Angels sheathed in his worn trench coat that, with time, would become his hallmark. Now you can get a (brand new) like chula.

The Beret Peaky Blinders

If there is something that we can blame the band of gangsters in Birmingham (in addition to rig horse races), is to popularize the use of the beret in full by 2020. The anger has been such, that even Martiño Rivas has been able to resist. Do you fall into the trend of the Shelby?