Virginia Gallardo released a new version of “Tusa” to refer to the coronavirus | DiarioShow


“Tusa”, the well-known song Karol G it was reversionada by the Dipy a while ago, and in the last hours by the own Virginia Gallardo.

The actress, who is about to give birth to her daughter Martinadecided to change the letter to refer to the coronavirus and to thank the doctors who face the pandemic.

“Thank you, police officers, doctors and nurses because they risk their lives for us and the whole world. The people supporting you must not lower the arms will stay in our memory the effort that they do every day. We will do all for supporting them by fighting it and take care of them”, begins to sing the dancer with the same melody of the successful single.

While in its chorus, repeated: “And if we take advantage of the occasion and serve us a lesson we can with this disease. You have to take care of you to take care of others. United we can achieve.”

Next to your unusual posting, the mom-to-be wrote sincere: “I already know. I’m laughing so much as you”. And then he spoke to the haters: “You come of the reviews, but I don’t care. I had to learn to play chords for this song, nights thinking of a letter chord, you represent (or try at least), how important they are. We take care of daily. This is my humble gift, it is the intention”.