Vocal coach mexican reacted and analyzed to Denise Rosenthal


Gret Rocha is a singer, vocal coach and youtuber mexican in its official channel publishes videos reacting to the songs from other artists. This week, and after the request of many of his followers, made one dedicated to our dear Denise Rosenthal.

First of all, during your analysis, stated to be with mixed feelings because, as previously he had been asked to analyse to Paloma Mommy, he thought he would come up with something more urban.

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Then admitted to be completely surprised to see how Denise danced at a high level while singing at the same time.

Between the midst of his analysis he compared Ariana Grande, explaining that one of the superpowers of our chilean was able to sing middle notes are sharp and acute, with a mid-point between being a voice mixed and very light and even falsetto.

To conclude the video, Greta described to Denise Rosenthal as a complete artist, with great talent, who left her amazed with its sound and proposed.

If you want to see all of your reaction, here is the video.

Note written by: Xava Saw #LaDucha