“We are the sons of…!” Rihanna was against their fans… just the worst!


In the middle of a health situation of extreme urgency, such as that he lives today, there are many artists who have sought to become involved in the problem to provide a solution. One of these recognized performers of the show is Rihanna.

And is that the successful interpreter of “Umbrella” has been in the press for making various financial donations thanks to your foundation. In fact, it was recently when the singer offered 4.2 million dollars to combat the problem in the city of Los Angeles.

Rihanna, however, showed full agreement in supporting the needy and those affected by the crisis, but there is one obstacle that seems to get in the way of that work of charity: their own fans.

While maintaining fully occupied in offering a hand to help during the expansion of the pandemic, the star of the music he asked his followers that at this time, stop asking for the release of a new album.

“If any of you, sons of…, ask me about the album once more, in a moment that I fight to save the world, unlike your president (Donald Trump) you’ll See!”, stated the artist in a tone that offended more than one admirer.

The native of Barbados now is only focused on one aspect: the fight against the disease that seems to have been based in the united States for it not to leave.