What a waist! Kim Kardashian shows hot body that still retains

The model and influencer Kim Kardashian returns to prove that he still has a sizzling hot body to his 39 years. The star of the social networks can boast a small waist that has left him the constant use of his famous corsets and body, which has helped it to retain its statuesque silhouette even with the passage of time.

While more mature Kim Kardashian more beautiful is being in agreement with its more than 166 million followers on Instagram. And is that the queen of the selfies has revealed his big secret to maintain the spectacular body that you have, are the bands (in addition to the constant exercise and a very strict diet).

The wife of rapper Kanye West has done everything possible to continue to have that cinturita that makes it look amazing. Although she is the mother of 4 children, only pregnant 2. So being a mother has not taken away the desire nor the opportunity to continue looking radiant and very sexy at her age.

Therefore, the star of the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” is very proud to demonstrate that his body only gets better with the passing of the years, and thanks also to the various plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures that are performed frequently.


Kim Kardashian and fame

If you do not know much of the history that has had the sister Kardashian-Jenner more famous, we can tell you that before being one of the influencers, and entrepreneurs most beautiful and powerful of the united States, was the best friend of socialite Paris Hilton.

Kim is dedicated to helping his famous friends to choose how to dress. But thanks to more than 10 years ago, we published a scandalous sex tape of Kim Kardashian, his life took a 180 degree turn and became a star of television.

But with the advent of social networks, Kim managed to position itself and to your family as the queens of the social networks; as millions of people looked up to the Kardashian-Jenner up to now. What has made Kim increase his fame and fortune?

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