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The singer Billie Eilish, posing before the start of the ceremony of the Oscars 2020, last February.
The singer Billie Eilish, posing before the start of the ceremony of the Oscars 2020, last February.Amy Sussman

Since the summer music festivals is very possible that you will not be entered into, we are left with the alternative of admiring the stars acting from their homes. It is not a bad thing. The challenge is to see how to entice the viewer away from tricks scenic and playbacks saviors. We will check it today.


The Live Aid of the times of the coronavirus. Since the crisis began coronavirus hundreds of musicians have given concerts, or songs from their homes. Now is when comes the festival more potent. A Live Aid (the famous show that in 1985 organized by Bob Geldof to fight hunger in Africa), version home. It is an initiative of Lady Gaga, who began to pull agenda to organize, always with solidarity as it opens a line of donations and will go to the fight against the pandemic. It’s called One World: Together at Home and will be presented by three heavyweights of the entertainment on the television, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. They will act from their homes: Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Stivie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Camila Cabello, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Lupita’nyong o, Pharrell Williams, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Usher, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong and Chris Martin, among others. Will be today, Saturday, 18 to 20h. (in Spain). The proceedings will not begin until 2 in the morning Spanish time. And you will be able to view on various platforms, such as the profile of Facebook of MTV (click here) or on this website (click here) RTVE.


The best Gades. The platform My Opera Player proposes to take advantage of these days to see the legacy of Antonio Gades, the legend of the dance, renovator of flamenco and traditional dances Spanish. The service streaming the Teatro Real offers in open high-quality recordings of four of the best titles of the choreographer, performed by the company that bears his name and which is in charge of keeping alive their ballets. You can see Blood wedding, based on the drama by Federico Garcia Lorca; Carmen, recreation of the work of Merimee in collaboration with Antonio Saura; Suite flamenco, a review of different styles of the genre, and Fuenteovejuna, considered your piece summit, inspired by the classic by Lope de Vega.


Make your own museum. One of the many tasks that they are carrying out the museums during the quarantine is to be witnesses and archivists of the many forms of expression that are emerging around a new situation, limit and, therefore, for good and for evil, transforming. Three friends and advertisers of Barcelona, Irene Llorca, Emma Calvo and José Guerrero, have created their own digital museum on Instagram to pick up those artistic images and documentaries that emerged out of the hands of the thousands of anonymous people these days give free rein to your imagination from the confines of their homes. The initiative is called Covid Art Museum and already has more than 34,000 followers. The works that hang on the walls of this room digital collected with humor, concern and reflection the spirit of the moment, the time that invite us to think of new ways of inventing the future. There are photographs, like that of a man, covered in eggs and wrapped in plastic, that do open the garlic in the face of human frailty; there are images, such as a face mask made of gold, which pose the inequalities that run through the society and that the pandemic has made it even more obvious; and there are representations,such as that of a ball of the world embodied in one of those balls massage-like coronavirus, which underline the relevance of the magnitude of what is happening. To submit proposals, you can send the work by email or with the hashtag #CovidArtMuseum. It is one of the many ways in which art invites us to pass from contemplation to action.


European cinema for young people. The Academy of European Film (EFA) has called on the young people who want to participate to the jury of the prize of the young public. Your goal is that 3,000 kids film buffs point and decide between the three films selected for the most deserving of the award. To do this you only have to register quickly through the post [email protected] and [email protected] since, together the Academy of european Cinema, the Academy of Spanish Cinema, the european cinema festival of Seville, and the Filmoteca de Catalunya hosting in Spain this event. You will be able to see the three movies online (on previous occasions it was in theaters) from 23 to 25 April at the platform Festival Scope, discuss them with fellow members of the jury and vote for the winner on the 26th of April. The trio of finalists are the Italian Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri, Stefano Cipani; the Dutch Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess, Steven Wouterlood, and the German Rocca verändert die welt, from Katja Benrath.


Vermouth live and contest of novel. In full state of alarm it is impossible to get close to a bar or a presentation for an aperitif of Saturday, but the Trojan Horse does not waive the vermouth online and propose a series of talks live #VermutACaballo. Today at 13 hours on Instagram @litrandomhouse discuss two of the authors of this seal: Aixa de la Cruz and Marina L. Riudoms. And maybe the time has come to pull out that novel saved in the drawer or end, which started with the running of the bulls home? The Premio Tusquets de novela remains open until 30 April accepted manuscripts.


What if your mother did hunter Pokémons? The cartoonist of Figueres Carles Ponsí, usual Thursday and, in its beginnings, the magazine graphic Hemp, the author of the hilarious Help! My mother has a Facebook, gift these days the hilarious Help! My mother has Pokemon Go. To get it simply get to the website of their editorial, Graffiti, and djing here. In Help! My mother has Pokemon Gothe first victims of the new passion of the mother of the protagonist are his nerves, and the battery of your mobile phone. If in the previous installment the ill-fated son became their technical service for any doubt about the use of Facebook – and there was never a single doubt, the doubts grew and multiplied like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park – in this what happens is all that can happen when a mother of a certain age, becomes a passionate hunter Pokémons without knowing even what they are. Let us think of to explain the function of the balls, the gyms, the challenges, the changes… the adventure, or nightmare, has done no more than begin! And luckily, we can limit ourselves to read it and have a good time.

Video games

The Italy of the 70’s. Yes, the Italy of the ‘ 70s, in particular, the Italian coast of the 70’s, is the protagonist of the peculiar Wheels of Aureliaa game of exploration and mystery in which you become Lella, a girl from a car trip across the Italian coast, which at the same time that reconstructs the reality of the country at the time, chatting with everyone, going, gradually, by knowing things from your past that you had no idea. Let us remember that the 70’s are the turbulent years of the Red Brigades, the terrorist organization based on marxist-leninist who fought in favor of the proletariat, and who also portrayed Rachel Kushner in his first novel, The flamethrower. The dynamics of the game is also something unique. The car ride is what bonus: decorated with drawn, and drawn are also the characters, which are superimposed on the screen as in a video game conversational use, when the protagonist crosses paths with them. The multi-award winning title from Epic Games is available until April 23, in free download here.

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