What was the life of Rafael Rojas, heartthrob of telenovelas?


Rafael Rojas was born in San José, Costa Rica. From small started in acting; he studied acting at the Conservatory of Castella in your country, also dedicated to modeling. At the age of 22 she moved to Mexico to seek better opportunities. He made his debut in the film “The Follow” in 1984; in television, he participated in the series “time checked” and in soap operas debuted in “Martín Garatuza”.

The actor Rafael Rojas rose to fame after her participation in the telenovela juvenil “Quinceañera” under the production of Carla Estrada, where she performed “Gerardo Fernandez”, brother of “Maricruz” (Adela Noriega); your character had a romance with “Beatriz” (Thalia).

Thanks to the success that he had in “Quinceañera”, Rafael Rojas obtained his first leading role alongside Salma Hayek in the version of 1989’s “Teresa”, where he gave life to “Mario Castro”.

Later “Dance with Me” with Biby Gaytán Eduardo Capetillo and Paulina Rubio given his role as a great villain. With the passing of the years the actor originally from Costa Rica was establishing itself as an actor in soap operas such as “If God takes my life”, “The shadow of the other,” “The soul has no color”, “Mary Elizabeth” and many more.

“Passion” was the last soap opera I work for Televisa in 2009. Due to several controversies after a few statements of his ex-wife, Milena Santana, who accused him of being a drug addict, violent and more, the actor walked away from the spotlight for “the good daughters”, as stated in his time, daughters fruit s marriage with Milena Santana.

According to The Star, after several years away from the action, in 2017 Rafael Rojas joined the series “The end of the road” of TVE and months after, she starred in the movie co-produced between Costa Rica and Mexico called “Awakening” of the director Soley Bernal.

Currently Rafael Rojas has no plans to resume his acting career; it is worth mentioning that already became a grandfather, as his oldest daughter, Isla Rojas, gave birth to a girl named Celeste.

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