Who entered the house of Kylie Jenner while posing in your yard? You will be surprised!


The model Kylie Jenner was taking pictures, wearing your new set of sports. Until he realized that someone else was in his house and decided to photograph them in action. I can’t believe it!

The days of Kylie Jenner enjoy them as a mom: play, remember and take a photo of their little daughter Stormi.

On the other hand, since the house continues manipulating the social networks and the sales of the new line of clothing that you own with your sister Kendall Jenner.

And of course, modeling is not slipping, at least once a day, to Kylie Jenner: bathing suits, divers, enteritos.

In the last few hours, the also an entrepreneur in the world of cosmetics shared a photo for her fans where sitting in the courtyard of his home, wore one of his outfits, sporting form-fitting body and a pair of shoes to the game.

But in the moment in which they photographed with Kylie Jenner, the model realized that they were alone: I look towards the pool and there were several more with it!

Instagram Storie of Kylie Jenner.

The nature returns to its home, and the ducks liked the water and the grass of this huge mansion!