Zac Efron outraged fans by not singing in a reunion of High School Musical


The memes and jokes about the absence of Efron in this reunion have not been made wait.

Agency Reform

Mexico city, Mexico. Twelve years later, the original cast of the movie musical has returned to gather online for all sing together the iconic theme of the movie, “We’re all in this Together”.

A meeting that has occurred thanks to the initiative of the private broadcaster american ABC that was proposed by the #DisneyFamilySingalong to encourage families to sing the songs most critically acclaimed tapes of Disney.

The director of the movie High School Musical, Kenny Ortega, explained to Deadline that has already been looking for a recipe to meet all and that this opportunity of ABC came great.

“I wanted to find something in which I could participate and it was amazing to receive the call from ABC to be part of the special songs from Disney,” said the director.

Even so, fans of HSM have not been at all pleased. Many have been deceived to see that Zac Efron has not been involved in singing at this meeting but that it was simply in charge of presenting to the rest of their peers.