A marathon with comedies of Adam Sandler for some fun on Sunday afternoon – Tvshow – 19/04/2020


The comedy that stars Adam Sandler can be a good solution to entertain your family in these days of isolation; and the channel Warner begins a marathon this Sunday the 19th, at 14: 15 with five of his best-known films.

Image from the movie “The wedding singer”. Photo: Spread

The wedding singer it is one of his best comedies and one of the many that co-starred with Drew Barrymore. There, Sandler is Robbie Hart, a composer frustrated that she works as a wedding singer. In a night of work meets Julia, a waitress who is not doing very well on his first day. And while both are about to get married, destiny is going to play a fun situation when the promised Robbie to abandon it on the altar; while Julia discovers that her boyfriend is a liar. The film, in addition to being a good comedy, it has a great soundtrack.

Then follows Clickwhere Sandler is Michael Newman, a workaholic that you are seeking a promotion and would like to minimize the amount of time dedicated to small “distractions,” as his wife and family. When an eccentric seller offers a remote control, magic, Michael believes he has found the solution to their problems, of course, that as mutes, skips and go in fast mode the small things irritating life, the remote control takes control of the situation and begins to program it to him.

The marathon continues with Don’t mess with Zohanwith Sandler as an agent for the israeli army to leave behind his dangerous life and travels to Manhattan to fulfill her dream: becoming a hairdresser. The problems follow him, and all ends, as always, with plenty of humor.

As if for the first time
As if for the first time. Photo: Spread

In As if for the first time, Sandler returns to work next to Drew Barrymore. Here he is a marine biologist that one day he meets Lucy, a beautiful young woman that every night, loses his memory and dawns with no memories. To earn his love, he will have to conquer it every day.

A wife of lie 2011
Nicole Kidman brings out her playful side in “a wife of lie”. Photo: Spread

And ends with A wife of lie. In this comedy, Sandler is Danny, a plastic surgeon who lies to conquer women. But when he meets the woman of his dreams, everything is more complicated. To cover their lies, and near to it, he asks his loyal assistant, played by Jennifer Aniston, and his sons who pretend to be his family. End up all together in Hawaii, where they will live for a weekend of crazy and unusual.