Advantage that you’re at home and take care of your body


Editor’s note: Mari Rodriguez Ichaso has been a collaborator of the magazine’s Vanities, for more than two decades. Specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment. Film production company. Columnist Style of CNN in Spanish.

(CNN Spanish) — Nothing is clear. We don’t know if that normalcy was so little valued come back, if you will be like, much less know when to come back.

While we wait, and we stay home to avoid contracting, we must also take care of our mind, our body and our appearance. It is part of a whole, a balance.

In this new reality, your mood is in need of small grants, which in turn may be solutions to be very positive.

And putting into practice these necessary aids, I recommend that you create a new discipline that day-to-day to strengthen your self-love, and so you’ll be able to help more and better to your family and to those who want and want you.

And therefore think on the importance of taking care of your body in all aspects, and to be part of the care must be for our skin; it is vital.

A body that needs help

The largest organ that we have, the skin should not be dry and lose moisture.

And not only to avoid that look aged, fragile and rough, but because it may crack, break, of so much dryness, and foster the emergence of skin diseases, in addition to bacteria and microbes. And this is dangerous – although very simple and easy to avoid.

A daily discipline

You have to start a daily cleaning-a bath or a shower, with gels or soaps moisturizers, and then move on to the direct care and constant of the skin with creams and lotions to use, day and night, to give the skin a youthful appearance, protected, elastic and much younger. It is so great a need, such as brushing teeth or taking vitamins.

Many years ago a cosmetics brand made famous by the go-to-market with an ad that enhances the 1-2-3 of beauty with the photo of a tooth brush, a soap and a moisturizer. And decades later, the benefits of such a routine basic has not changed.

New options for the Internet

If not you can buy those brands that you use for years, here I would suggest (now that many of us do Internet shopping) new options in many countries there whole life… and I personally use it faithfully!

And that is the use of the excellent products of the called non, who by tradition are sold in pharmacies, perfumeries, drugstores, and big online shops, including large supermarket chains.

Prestigious laboratories and international companies -in Europe as in the U.S. and Latin America – in addition to creating medicines, have an extensive production of articles of beauty and wellness that are sold mainly in pharmacies. And whose prices are generally more accessible.

I love to use these products and enjoy reading the leaflets that come in your wrappings and explain your benefits to scientists – and the fact that many can be bought via the Internet – and there are brands very reliable.

For example, the iconic brand Bayer, yes the same aspirin online with your moisturiser Bepanthen, created in swiss laboratories in 1944, it was sold in 117 countries; the German Nivea products “worship”; Weleda whose cream Skin Food is famous and the favorite of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts, and Rihanna, among others; and Vichy with its Mineral 89, a concentrate of hyaluronic acid.

And the list goes on with other brands that you’ve had in your medicine cabinet or in your bathroom such as Aquaphor, Eucerin up to the popular Neutrogena.

As you can see, in addition to products that you already know and have used for years, remember that there are a large number of brands that you can buy online. These brands offer extensive lines of skin care that in these moments are very useful, easy to acquire, and beneficial, without spending too much. Start a routine in the middle of the enclosure, a routine, for your health, but also make you look good, has no price.

Whatever your beauty regime, take advantage of that you are home!