Alexa Dellanos flatters the spectacular body of Demi Rose on Instagram


Not even the young Alexa Dellanos could not resist to send you compliments to the model british Demi Rose, who shared a photo where it boasts its spectacular curves in a clingy dress sky blue color, and looks a spectacular body in Instagram, leaving more than one very much in love.

The daughter of the host Myrka Dellanos, he proved that he is a great admirer of the british for 25 years, Demi Rose. Though Alexa it is also one of the models of Instagram most sexy and attractive of the internet, the young man could not hold back and wrote a compliment to the busty brunettes.

Alexa Dellanos decided to write to Demi in its publication “Beautiful,” along with an emoji heart. It is not known if it is in fact the daughter of Myrka is a fan of the Rose or if you are friends or well-known, since the two are major celebrities of the social networks to teach more in their pictures of Instagram; so that perhaps at some point they were found by the same internet.

Demi Rose and her charms

If the sensual american model of 24 years, Alexa Dellanos, fell completely surrendered to the beauty of Demi Rose, it is obvious that millions more will also be mesmerized with the huge pair of charms that have british model. Since your mini waist and prominent curves makes it look like one of the sexiest women of Instagram.

Demi Rose until the moment it counts with more than 13 million followers, and various influencers like Alexa, I also leave likes and compliments to the model-erotic. In addition to the tight dress that boasted Demi, also upload the images in swimsuit, bikini or without any clothes on. It’s a dream for many!

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In the case of Alexa Dellanos, the famous only has 2 million followers on his account of Instagram, and although his pictures are also quite revealing and at times very hot, still fails to overcome the sensuality of Rose, who is one of women’s most coveted internet.