All the premieres of series and movies on HBO, Movistar+, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix from 20 to 26 April – News series


‘Once upon a time in… Hollywood’, ‘Hereditary’ or the series ‘NOS4A2’ are some of the titles that are included to the catalogues of the respective platforms ‘streaming’.

The week from 20th to 26th of April, the content of the platforms of ‘streaming’ HBO, Movistar+, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix expand again its catalog of films and series. Although this week’s developments are captured by the films, the series also made a hole. Arrives the second season of What we do in the shadows or fiction NOS4A2 to the small screen.

On the other hand, Once upon a time in… Hollywood promises to be one of the long most viewed this week with its arrival at Movistar+ Friday 24 April, and that made Brad Pitt is jacked with the Oscar for Best supporting actor in this year’s edition. Horror, action, and a long list of cinema ‘indie’ come to the online services for joining us in the sixth week of quarantine.



What we do in the shadows – Season 2

Comes the second installment of the series adaptation of the tape of the same name, 2014 directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. The new episodes vovlerán to follow this fun group of vampires formed by Nandor, William and Lazslo based in New York.

PremiereApril 22.



On Annie (Toni Collette) and her family there is an aura of the supernatural that begins to cause havoc in your life. One day they begin to discover secrets strange and increasingly terrifying about their ancestors. The more you discover, the more you will have to face the ominous fate that seem to have inherited, and will witness an evil presence that brings a series of events unexplained. Opera prima del director Ari Aster.

Premiere: 24 April

A story of revenge

Based on actual events, A story of revenge relive the events that occurred after the plane crash that took place on the July 1, 2002 in the German town of Überlingen. Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a parent who loses his wife and his daughter in the traumatic accident. After this incident, Roman will devote all his time to find Jake Bonaos (Scoot McNairy), the driver of the airport responsible for this tragedy.

Premiere: 24 April

Baby Driver

Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jamie Foxx are some of the names that make up the main cast of this film of action and comedy. Baby (Elgort) is a young man who has a special talent for driving at the wheel, something that Doc, a crime boss, used to your benefit. However, the interests of your best employee will change when you get to know Debora (James). It will be then when the criminals will be the victims.

Premiere: April 26.

Last Days – Premiere, April 22

Blood Father – Premiere April 24.

The life of Adèle – Premiere April 24.

Rendel – Premiere April 24.

Death at a funeral – Premiere April 26.


Once upon a time in… Hollywood

The critically acclaimed tape starring Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio has been the long-awaited return, and it may be that the latter, from Tarantino to the big screen. Once upon a time in… Hollywood follows Rick Dalton (DiCaprio), an actor of a series of western television come to less, and Cliff Booth (Pitt), his best friend and also its dual in the action sequences. Always together in spite of the new landscape of television and cenematográfico, will be involved in the massacre which was committed the sect Charles Manson in the house of Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), who coincidentally is your next-door neighbor.

Premiere: 24 April.

Rambo: Last Blood

The mythical character of Rambo returns to the big screen. In The last blood the character of Sylvester Stallone returns to the action and this time it will be more bloody than ever. The protaonista will have to desenpolvar your best combat tactics and to be the avenger, that the society needs.

Premiere: April 25.



Comes to Amazon Prime Video series adaptation based on an adaptation of the novel of the supernatural of the same name written by Joe Hill. The action focuses on Victoria McQueen, a woman who has the ability to be able to find lost objects by means of teleportation. But one day he crosses your path Charlie Manx, psychopath who kidnaps children in his Roll-Royce Wraith with enrollment NOS4A2. His macabre plan is to take them to the amusement park Christmasland to survive for hundreds of years drenándoles the soul.

Premiere: 21 April.


Johnny English: back in action

Third installment of the saga Johnny Englishdirected on this occasion by David Kerr (Fresh Meat, Beautiful People). The fun british agent will have to capture the responsible for a cyberattack that has revealed the identity of all the secret agents in the country. But what he doesn’t know the spy, is that the real challenge will be to address the new tecnolgías of the modern era.

Premiere: April 25.

La gallina Turuleca

Animated film that follows the famous character of la gallina Turuleca. In this film, the bird is the make me laugh of his companions, because they can’t lay eggs. But your luck will change when the music teacher Elizabeth discover that can understand humans.

Premiere: April 26.


Sweet Country

American Drama that shows the racial gap. The story follows Sam, an aboriginal man of middle age who works for a preacher in the interior of the Northern Territory of Australia. On the other side is Harry, a war veteran who moves to a neighboring ranch. To facilitate your move Sam and your family will help you, however, the distrust toward them on the part of the military will be the start of a terrible event.

PremiereApril 22.

You Go to My Head

After winning the award Best foreign language film at the Film Festival of Orlando and in the national IbizaCineFest, You Go to My Head comes to Netflix. This ‘thriller’ thriller that mixes love and desire follows the protagonist, who has just had an accident in the full Sahara and is “rescued” by Jake, an architect. Tempted by the loss of memory of the young man and obsessed by his beauty will pass by your husband and will call you Kitty. The situation starts to become unsustainable when she starts to remember and doesn’t know what is fiction or reality.

Premiere: 24 April.

Surbiles – Premiere on April 20.

Notes for an inheritance – Premiere on April 20.

The son of the hunter – Premiere on April 20.

4664 – Premiere on April 20.

The mystery of the culture of Cocle – Premiere on April 20.

Animal – Premiere on April 20.

Eden – world Premiere on 21 April.

The settlers of the Warlord – Premiere April 21.

Glittering Misfits – Premiere April 21.

Luss Aucoin – Premiere April 22.

The officer and the spy – Premiere April 22.

The unfinished Schubert – Premiere April 22.

A trip by Stravinsky – Premiere April 22.

Fast Track – Premiere April 22.

The ride of their lives – Premiere April 22.

The pink spring – Premiere April 22.

The Rider – Premiere April 23.

The Trial – Premiere April 23.

Victory Day – Premiere April 23.

Luna grande, a tango by García – Premiere April 23.

Moons New York – Premiere April 23.

Black moon – Premiere April 23.

Behind India – Premiere April 24.

Parabellum – April 24.

Pullman – Premiere April 24.

The truth – Premiere 25th of April.