As the Avengers: The coach of Marvel you have the routine you need

We all know that Avengers not seen as well by the magic of the film or the technology, they can’t fly or destroy buildings with their muscles, but those huge muscles that you attain to see through their costumes are really there and got them by following a brutal workout, designed by an expert trainer (sadistic) to make them look exactly like the drawings from the comic books (what no one told Stan Lee that that was not normal?).

The most recent “victim” of the Effect Marvel, aka Kumail Nanjiani, explained that not only was on a diet that is extremely healthy, she also had to train several hours a day and continue training for profit and not to lose the results (because it takes a lot of work to get them, but they are lost quickly and that is why Zac Efron he says he never wants to be in as good shape as when she appeared on Baywatch), which is something not everyone can do.

But, that does not mean that you cannot do anything to match the Avengers, Don Saladinothe man behind these bodies, and has trained celebrities like Sebastian Stan and Ryan Reynoldssays that what is important is to stay active and give new challenges to our muscles, and designed a series of routines for the part around the body inspired by the superheroes of Avengers and that could help you achieve those same results.

Saladin has been sharing your routines on Instagram, where he wrote “My gym is closed and we are all at home in this completely new environment. It is terrible that people are sick, but to those of us in the house, this has forced us to a good situation with our physical state”.

In addition, Saladin (who has a 100 rep challenge that you will burn the legs and arms, is in 100 squats, 100 pushups and 100 Standing Ts) shared a routine for the lower body that not only leaves you destroyed and exhausted, it also has the goal of helping to develop muscle and to be more marked, in addition you are going to gain strength, which is very important to train well.

In regards to the benefits of this routine, the trainer told Muscle and Fitness that “There is at least a movement that will throw a curve ball, whether it is a plane of the hip or a lateral, something that require the person who makes it to move in a way that did not since they were kids. I think the training will definitely be humiliating and might open some eyes to the fact that mean that in reality they may need more of this style of training.”

This is the routine:

In accordance with Saladinthis routine has a small warm up followed by three supersets that force you to use the muscles to develop as much strength as stability and mobility, in addition to resistance, what will help make the muscle and have better workouts.


  • Plane of the hip 3 x 6

  • Lateral jumps 3 x 10

  • Turns quarter 3×10

First superset

  • Lunges Airborne 3 x 5 (like a lunge normal back, but you do not have to support the rear foot on the ground)

  • Lunges side 3 x 10

Second superset

Third superset

  • Lunges to the back with elevation (the rear foot stays supported on a bench) 3 x 10

  • Bird Dog with band (with your hands and knees, palms on the floor, stretch the arm and the opposite leg and then return to the center of the body, then repeat with the other side) 3 x 10

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