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The name Laina Morris doesn’t say too much, but if we say that it is the young man who in 2012 became viral in much of the world for her performance called “The Girlfriend Psychopath”, everything makes more sense.

At that time, Laina became popular for his parody of the song Girlfriend (Girlfriend) Justin Biber and his expression quite peculiar, which, with the passage of days became a meme.

Well, this american is now 28 years old, he decided to return to the world of social networking and made it nothing less than the platform of fashion: Tik Tok.

It was as well as the last Thursday published a video of a little less than 10 seconds, which appears dancing the song Nonstop the canadian singer Drake.

The video seemed to be fairly normal, until Morris turned off the bathroom light and, after a second, returned it to ignite. There is appreciated again for your unique expression.

So far, the registry has been a success, because in just one day has over three million views and thousands of comments.


Am I doing it right? ##fliptheswitch

I Nonstop – Drake

It should be noted that, after this, video, 2012, Laina became a Youtuber and achieved great fame in the united States, arriving to be interviewed on major tv programs.

However, in 2019, the very young man said in an interview that it would withdraw from the social networks because he had fallen into a depression, due to the criticism of others.

“Kept as a deep secret… I felt shame and guilt for being stressed out and overwhelmed in a world and with a job and opportunities that were so great that he could not understand why he could not handle them,” she said at the time.

Apparently, the therapy received had the desired effect, as it is back in “glory and majesty” in the virtual world.

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