Before the crisis, the celebrities create awareness through social networks


United States is in crisis, but the celebrities are thriving. Arrive via the television, to remind us to stay indoors and “let’s be positive”, since “we are all in this together”.

“To stay at home is my superpower,” reported Gal Gadot, star “Wonder Woman” from her dressing room. When Jennifer Lopez posted a video of his refugee family in the back yard of the huge complex of Alex Rodriguez in Miami, the public had lost his temper.

“All the hate”, it was a representative response.

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Among the social impacts of the coronaviruses is the swift dismantling of the cult of the celebrity. Celebrities are ambassadors of the meritocracy; they represent the search american of wealth through talent, charm, and hard work. But the dream of mobility, of class dissipates when the society is in confinement, the economy stagnates and the number of dead increases.

Celebrities are not among the americans more rich, but have the task of establishing a relationship with the general public, providing indirect access to their life-styles. The ability to see (or see with hate) this show of excesses has worked as a strange reassurance for the inequality.

But this pact depends on the ability of the celebrity to seem to move easily between the elite and the masses, to be aspirational and accessible at the same time. And celebrities are used to receiving praise for “use their platforms” for “to create awareness” for the public good.

But it has never been more easy to wake up, and make bad use of our consciousness. The celebrities have a captive audience people traumatized glued to the internet, whose eyes go from side to side looking for clues to process the horrors that lurk in the outside, and in place of that found to Madonna in a tub full of rose petals.

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And, however, the antics of these celebrities, even at the time that they are embarrassed publicly, anyway attract our attention.

The coronavirus it is the rare crisis, where doing nothing actually helps. And in addition to money for food and rent and medical care, people require entertainment to circumvent the confinement.

But if you’re going to pay attention to celebrities at a time like this, it is better that their contribution is sufficiently charming or insane to distract us.

There is Britney Spears, who has emerged as the rare celebrity who takes the hand of the need for radical social change.

Spears recently published a manifesto on Instagram of the artist of the internet Mimi Zhu. “We will feed each other, redistribuiremos wealth, we will strike,” he says. “The fellowship passes through walls.”

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Spears it’s a figure of unexpected to guide us during the quarantine, but suitable: has been subject to legal guardianship during 12 years, and their movements and finances are controlled by his father and supervised by the courts. When you post about finding community in the bondage social, you know what you’re talking about.