Britney Spears dances a song of her ex Justin Timberlake and fans go crazy


The Princess of Pop she danced to the song of your former spouse while he was serving her quarantine at home

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The american singer Britney Spears managed to mark an entire generation since the decade of the 90’s, because without ever having met 20 years already it was a revelation in the music industry, and it rapidly became a super star thanks to its innovative choreography and unique style that allowed him to earn the title of “Princess of Pop”.

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By this it was always in the crosshairs of the different means of communication worldwide, and the song of their first album called ‘Baby One More Time’, took it to different scenarios, however, one of the things that became the trend was the controversial and well-remembered kiss was with Madonna during a concert and who is considered as his successor.

But without doubt his relationship with the singer Justin Timberlake it was very relevant in his public and personal life, because after three years of being together they decided to break with their union, that between controversial statements on the part of Justin, things did not end at all well.

After a little more than 20 years, Spears surprised her fans after making a publication in your account of Instagram with which he asserted that the injuries are things of the past, as in she acknowledged the excellent work as an artist of her ex-boyfriend Timberlake.

Britney made a clip that was shown dancing in front of the lens of the camera wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a top color-white as he danced with the song “Filthy” so in addition to amuse his audience with his movements he took the opportunity to comment on the singer.

PD: I Know that we had one of the ruptures of the world’s largest 20 years ago but hey, The man is a genius! Great song JT”, it was the message that accompanied his post.

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