Celebrities who changed their look during the quarantine

At the start of the mandatory quarantine, many people decided to change look or gamble with a haircut considering that there are a lot of time ahead to grow and which, confined in our homes, zafamos of ridicule if the court was wrong. Celebrities were no exception to the rule, that’s why we collect some of the changes that we saw through the networks in isolation.

China Suárez

The actress decided to play a little with the dye and dyed her bangs and some parts of her hair of blond platinum!

Jimena Baron

In early April, cut the bangs, and, although he was evil, was somewhat repentant in their social networks. However, they took it with grace and urged his followers to submit pictures of their bangs failed.

Barbie Velez

“Someone else was cut/ dyed her hair during this quarantine?? I want to know that I was not the only anxious,”said the daughter of Nazareneclarified even more the hair.

Ricky Martin

First, the artist turned pink and then shaved off and was left to grow even more the beard.


In mid-march, the singer dyed her blonde and shave a full beard. But then more was and, in full quarantine, her mom told her to shave off the hair.

Cande Tinelli

Little will, little machine comes, the daughter of Marcelo reinforced the shaven head that had and happened, it seems, the shaver close to the scalp. In the album you posted Lelé compared with the Britney Spears the day on which the singer decided to cut the hair.

Benjamin Alfonso

From Madrid, Spain, the actor cut his hair and dyed her color ash blonde.

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