Chris Hemsworth also can not control their children in quarantine


Chris Hemsworth showed that telework and children at home are two realities that are quite complicated. The Hollywood actor is going through this quarantine in his mansion in Byron Bay next to Elsa Pataky and their three children, a few days isolation in that Hemsworth has not been able to avoid complying with their work of promotion.

Thus, the interpreter was in full interview with the radio australia Triple M when one of his children interrupted him direct. The husband of Elsa Pataky is promoting these weeks her new tape with Netflix, “Extraction”, a film in which he plays a mercenary who must rescue the son of a capo kidnapped by the mafia in india.

None of this will matter to his children who were playing near their father. India Rose, 7 years old, and the small Tristan and Sasha is left to notice when the actor said to the presenter: “These are my children that are playing.”

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Although Elsa tried to calm them down for not entorpeciesen the interview of his father, one of them decided to cling to the arm of his father and become the protagonist of the talk.

A fun situation with which the driver of the radio program, he joked: “I Am very much enjoying this interview because I realize that somebody like Chris, to which nothing resists it, that is a Hollywood star and have a wonderful life, also can not control their children, just as it happens to others.”