Chris Hemsworth in the costume of Superman surprise to all networks

It turns out that the handsome actor Chris Hemsworth may also carry the costume that Henry Cavill wore in all the movies of Man of Steel.

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It is well known that Although it may seem strange that the worlds film from Marvel or DC is mixed soon in some kind of crossover, the reality is that the public would love to see something like that.

Why some fans soon fantaseen with some alternative realities, by what some people carry out assemblies, or fanarts. What about the last? Chris Hemsworth wearing the suit of Superman.

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A Twitter user because of its enough free time due to the confinaiento, has fantasized with the possibility of seeing Hemsworth in the skin of the Man of Steel, has created an illustration where we can see the actor of Thor as the citizen kryptonian.

In this illustration, Chris is perceived by wearing the so famous costumes of Superman, carácterístico of the latest deliveries cinematic of the character. Said costume aneriormente worn by Henry Cavill in large Ribbons as the Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and The Justice League.

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Something funny that you have the fanarts is that although it may seem like a good idea, maybe for our blond actor may not be the best choice as when the actor in an interview was asked the question if I preferred Batman or Superman, he confessed that he is on the side of gotham city.

“I would choose Batman because does not wear a red cape and I already have one of those. In addition, I loved what Nolan did with that world, all of your darkness, realism and great depth, it was amazing”. Said Hemsworth.

What she also confessed that it would seem incredible that at some point we would see Superman and Thor face in a battle.
And how To you that you seemed to see the God of thunder, wearing the suit of Superman?