Chris Pratt joked about Tesla after winning fame in the MCU

Chris Pratt is a funny guy. His fans that know him from Parks and Recreation may have known that about him for a while, but Pratt really only became famous after.

Today, Pratt is best known for playing Star-Lord in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. This role has helped Pratt become the Hollywood star he is today, and like any other comedian, could not help joking about it.

This is what Chris Pratt said about himself after becoming famous in the Marvel movies.

How is Chris Pratt the “King Tiger”, the original?

Chris Pratt on the red carpetChris Pratt on the red carpetChris Pratt | Jesse Grant / . for Disney

No. But he said, in jest, that he bought a tiger, according to CinemaBlend. All of this was obtained from a publication of Facebook that Pratt made in jest. Like most things in comedy, although Pratt did not mean what he said literally, what he says probably comes from some truth.

As said CinemaBlend, Pratt went from being a supporting actor in a comedy programme to be one of the most important names in Hollywood. It has certainly been a shock to your system. As said Pratt, among other things, “Now I have a translator of aura certificate in the personal! (Shining). I have a boy of yoga. A doctor of herbs. An alchemist who works the 24 hours on formulas to convert my sweat into a magic potion “.

And, if you can’t say that Pratt was joking about what he said, he also said that “The people shout my name in the mall. Give Me babies and I say: “Oh, do you want to kiss this baby?” They Say: “No. I want you to stay! That said, however, that said Pratt about Tesla actually has some truth to it.

Chris Pratt leads a Tesla

Pratt also said in his publication comic: “I Got a Tesla. I have a Tesla for my Tesla “. While it is almost certain that Pratt did not buy a Tesla for Tesla, in reality yes you are driving a Tesla. The Teslas are very popular in California these days, so it is not a big issue when a celebrity drives a Tesla.

But, if you live in Hollywood or if you’re a paparazzi looking for photos of Pratt and her family, then surely what you’ll see driving a Tesla. For example, TMZ recorded a video of Pratt, trying to put the new bicycle to your son on his Tesla.

Unfortunately for him, the Tesla Model S that seemed to lead does not come with a lot of cargo space. But, luckily for your son, the wife of Pratt had his SUV parked nearby, and their SUV had more than enough space to fit on the bike.

Pratt has always been a kind lover of nature, since it even has a ranch when you want to escape the life-style of Hollywood. It is entirely possible that Pratt buy the new Cybertruck of Tesla, as that would fit very well your needs. The Cybertruck is not only ecological, but also has more than enough space to accommodate a bike or two in your cargo hold.

What’s next for Chris Pratt?

Pratt seems to be really comfortable with his star status, and that is especially true in terms of working with Disney. The last film of Pratt was Onward, which was released in Disney + early due to the pandemic of Coronavirus.

Due to this pandemic, many of Hollywood, including Pratt, you are sitting and waiting until things improve. However, when things improve, Pratt has Guardians of the Galaxy 3 that will fire in the future.

Another film from Marvel that Pratt can be a part will be in the upcoming movie Thor. It is speculated that Star-Lord and the other Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Thor: Love and Thunder, but that is only speculation for now.

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