Coronavirus. Famous who do not believe in the covid-19


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The coronavirus it is a virus that has caused many havoc in the world, to fight against him, several celebrities like Cardi B you have made the decision to donate money to help those most affected by the pandemic, derived from the covid-19. On the other hand, singers are organizing concerts that will have the purpose of generate donations that will be given to different organizations that are working to combat the disease.

However, there are celebrities that have stated that do not believe in the existence of the coronavirus. These actors and singers have used their social media or have given interviews in which they ensure that the covid-19 is a lie.

Paty Navidad

One of the first famous in declare that they did not believe in the coronavirus was the actress Paty Navidad. Twitter unveiled its stance on the disease, said the covid-19 is a plan of the World Health Organization to control the world.

His tweet caused a stir and criticism towards the singer did not wait. Despite the fact that he has received comments against, Paty Navidad is still reviewing the coronavirus. Recently, Twitter shared a video where he suggested people record hospitals to check if indeed the existence of the virus.

Carlos Villagrán, Quico

Another of the celebrities who did not hesitate to express their opinion on the covid-19 was the interpreter of Quico in the Chavo del 8. During an interview, the actor commented that the coronavirus does not exist and that is a way of controlling the world’s population.

He said that the coronavirus it is an invention of the freemasons, and that the entrepreneur Bill Gates is behind it. Although also assured that you are taking the necessary measures for not getting infected.

Lucia Mendez

Recently the actress and singer Lucía Méndez, stated in an interview that the coronavirus was done in a laboratory and was not transmitted by an animal. He also noted his concern to know that many people are not aware of the situation and thanked the medical staff who attends to all people who suffer from the disease.

Woody Harrelson

The actor of films such as The hunger gamesin recent days published in Instagram a video about a theory on the creation of the coronavirus. The video that soon after you erased the actor explained the alleged relationship that exists between the transmission towers 5G and disease.

Vanessa Hudgens

Although the actress of the Disney movies, High School Musicaluntil the time has not mentioned anything about not believing in the existence of the covid-19, last month was widely criticized by uploading a story to Instagram in which he said that people with covid-19 die. After their statements called for an apology.