Coronavirus in the USA: Rihanna and their substantial donations in the fight against the coronavirus


Coronavirus in USA The singer has disbursed large amount of money

Rihanna has supported the population
Rihanna has supported the population through its fundacin.

Demuestra his great heart. The singer Rihanna has left aside the music for help that ms need in this pandemic COVID-19 that has plagued the world for the 2020.

The interpreter ‘Umbrella’ it has helped in different ways, many of them, through their fundacin Clear Lionel, that supports sufferers of violence domsticathat has grown up during the confinement.

In turn, Rihanna and Jay Z helped with a number of 2.1 million dollars to support undocumented migrants must pay large amounts to access the health care system United States.

Finally, the singer who was born in Bahamas, apoy various NGO’s (non governmental organizations) in africa, Caribbean and the own Union American.

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