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The quarantine coronavirus (COVID-19), which has been cooperating in almost all countries of the world, have stalled the plans have been paralyzed-including the stars of the show – and the spending time in family has become priority.

It is as well that the celebrities have shown their hand more homey, your culinary skills, your connection with the music, and more. What you have failed to give is to share, almost all, in their accounts of Instagram, the means with which to maintain closeness with their fans.

Jennifer Lopez

The singer is fulfilling the quarantine to the side of her fiance Alex Rodriguez and their children. A week ago posted a video to the side of exdeportista asking their followers not to leave their houses to avoid the spread of the virus. In addition to makes games on the side of their children, with those who try to “impersonate” the normal life outside the home.

Kim Kardashian

The entrepreneur will have followers who are accustomed to their videos in a family. However, in a tutorial that you made he confessed that he hid his kids in the guest bathroom, causing the surprise of everyone. However, it is not the only artist who confesses to feeling burdened by their children, such as Drew Barrymore and Thalia.

Bad Bunny

The singer of reggaeton released his album “YHLQMDLG” (“I do what I want”) a month before you start the quarantine for coronavirus. It is now located in his house, enjoying the swimming pool, but continues to work. On the 14th of April rose in a song “freestyle” where he proved that there is music Bad Bunny for a while.

J Balvin

The colombian shares his day-to-day in its Stories of Instagram and since before the start of the quarantine had already won the hearts of his followers with his pet, a golden retriever, who is living in the confinement. In addition, constantly shares videos of him playing an instrument.


The young singer has become one of the most popular figures in Latin America from your wedding with Evaluna Montaner and the release of two songs. Camilo Echeverry is passing the quarantine at the home of his wife’s family. He has been climbing Stories on Instagram showcasing acoustic versions of the songs from his album “For the first time”.

Kendall Jenner

The supermodel is in her home in Los Angeles, United States, enjoying the comforts and luxuries of your home, apply masks and homemade in addition to other activities. In a posting on his social networks he showed that he is playing Mario Kart.

Esther Expósito

The young actress of “Elite” has become a star and now is spain’s most followed in the world with 19.2 million followers on Instagram. This will then show all her sensuality with a video dancing reggaeton.

Eugenio Derbez

The popular mexican actor continues to show all their humor in their publications Instagram. However, a week ago was the centre of the controversy then they slandered him to share “fakes news” in their networks. Derbez denied the fact and start an aid campaign for a group of doctors.


The colombian singer is at the side of his family and has shown his culinary skills. A few weeks ago, she shared the moment that had prepared brownies for your family. The interpreter of “Eyes like that” he confessed that this was the first time making this dessert. Unfortunately it was burnt, but she decided to prepare them again until you were well.

Karol G

The singer is complying with the quarantine at the side of his partner, the rapper Anuel AA, in Miami, United States. Both are with the mascot Karol G and share funny videos on TikTok and Instagram.


Cinescape: music in time of Covid-19

Cinescape: music in time of Covid-19