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When Batman v Superman: dawn of justice was released, disappoint the expectations of not only fans, but also from the same study that produced it. The tape Zack Snyder it was a disappointment both at the box office as up to criticism, because the dreamed confrontation between the two superheroes most popular DC Comics only had a space on the screen for about three minutes.

Four years after its launch, Warner Bros. it is in full phase of reconstruction of the Universe Extended from DC. After the controversial dismissal of Snyderthe company would be looking to erase any indication of his participation in the franchise to take advantage of the momentum of the good feelings that left Joker of Todd Phillips.

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According to information from the specialized medium We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. expected The Batman, upcoming movie Matt Reevesbecome a key element of the shared world. The reason: the company wants the character of Robert Pattinson built strong enough for a future confrontation against the Man of Steel in what would be a remake of Batman v Superman: dawn of justice.

According to the sources of WGTC, just after the Batman Pattinson have settled with success in the DCEU, WB put effort in repeating the story of the ‘last son of Krypton’. In addition, the medium affirms that there is the possibility that the study of cinema re-recruit Henry Cavill for playing “Superman” in the following deliveries.

Watch here the trailer of Batman v Superman: dawn of justice:

Still unknown the details of the plot of what will be the new version of the struggle between the two titantes of DC, but it is clear that it will not start to develop until within a few years. However, it is certain that the rivalry between Batman and Superman will have a rematch on the big screen.