Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are not friends


It seems that your ex he went out of his life definitely. Demi Lovato revealed that although it was important Wilmer Valderrama in his life, he no longer kept contact, but we always want the best.

The singer and the actor formed a couple very solid, despite the youth of Demi, who when it began its courtship with Wilmer, was only 18 years old. Were together for 6 years, he being a great support for the young person to overcome their addiction problems, however, the relationship is chipped away and decided to finish as good friends, telling the two that there was much affection between them.

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In an interview with the Harper’s Bazaar, the singer revealed that currently do not have communication, but cheers for your upcoming wedding: “I’m happy for him, and wish him only the best, but since we are not a part of the life of the other, and we haven’t talked for a long time.”

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Lovato comentó that she needed to know itself, and its long-standing relationship with Wilmer, not allowed: “When you are so young and you go out with someone older than you, you don’t have a chance to learn on your own” and ensures that you need to by now be without a partner: “it seems to Me that is the best thing for me, because I need to learn to be alone”.