Dipy: ‘My life is a quarantine constant’

One of the many interviewees of the Edge.Thon it was the Dipy, singer acknowledged cumbia and beloved character of the environment. Julio Leiva and Paulina Kitchen talked with the musician until he ended up performing a snippet of ‘Pair-Tusa’, their version of success by Karol G, and Nicki Minaj.

“All my life I lived quarantine, my life is a quarantine constant. By more that to give that image that I break everything, I do not go out, I’m not going anywhere, I don’t get out of fuck, nothing,” he said.

And he added: “2 months Ago I hit a very strong theme here in Argentina and I said, ‘Now I’m going to put together in a shovel’ but I crapped the pandemic.”

As to how to occupy his free time, he said: “I Am doing many things in the networks. I am a person who has no filter for anything and I think that is what he likes the most to the people that follow me, and they are real followers not the I bought ever, as other”.

Its theme of ‘Pair-Tusa’ already exceeded 21 million views on YouTube, and came up to Mexico CITY, thanks to a festival in which Bizarrap mixed up the two versions.

“I tell them, I speak with Duki and with Biza but I don’t know them personallyjust for the networks,” he revealed. And he continued: “it Was the biggest party of trap and electronic music in mexico CITY and tells me: ‘Look, dog, sacala in the middle’. Without lying to them there were 50 thousand people, I say ‘this is re crazy’ and is very cute. After I spent another, Mbappé and Neymar singing in the locker room of the PSG my theme, it was amazing. That brings me a lot of satisfaction”.

In addition to reviewing his relationship with his son and some other anecdote of his shows in the interior, asked to address the quarantine with good energies: “I Am a laburante, I find it hard to pay the light, the cell, and is the uncertainty of not knowing when it will re-start on this. You’re with a child and he is not to blame, he also suffers because he does not know how to. There is that bancarlo, and I think that above that I’m bancando and I put bad wave is a shit”.

On the other hand, told that you are having fun “a lot in the social networks, especially on Twitter: “I’m going very well there because he is brave, is very strong. I can tell you what that really is me singing. It is the eternal fight with my agent who tells me that I have to be politically correct”.

“Do you know this? A grater. If we add a fork when sos poor and don’t have a coin to buy a guiro because it comes out an egg, learning to do this. And above this you really sing,” he said before closing with a snippet of ‘Pair-Tusa’.

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