Do you curl less hair as birthdays? Yes, and it has a solution | Beauty, Hair


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A few days ago, Ariana Grande surprised his followers by posting on Twitter a photo of himself in which lucia, a lush mane curly. Used to seeing her with the hair tightly, extremely smooth, and extensions, decided to take advantage of the quarantine to rest your hair. The reception was more than positive, with fans encouraging them to display more often. And others wondering how to keep those loops, and experts giving their tips for doing it (yes, in the comments of your publication).

Many women with curly hair, proud of him, see how with the passage of time, their forms lose strength and tend to a version wavy. The reason, as many suspect, could be in the changes that occur with age. Alberto Sanguino, responsible for training, Llongueras, he explains. “The hair of the people evolves with the years, and that is due to genetic factors and hormonal. In times such as puberty and pregnancy hair changes.” Hormonal changes cause, in many cases, the hair fall. And this also contributes to its ‘smoothed’. Sanguino continues: “The more hair falls out, the less strength you have the curls, came into view with a look more wavy”.

The emergence of the increasingly less dreaded gray hairs also affects the curl. “It is a type of hair is much more hard and rigid, so it tends to smooth her. To the extent that they appear more gray hair, the hair becomes more smooth and the curls are lost”, account Sanguino.

Possible solutions

If the reasons for which the curl is less defined depends on a hormonal change, can we fix it? Yes, there are ways of fighting to maintain the loops. Claudia di Paolo, creator of the concept Spa of the Hair, and gives some keys. “Many times, between four and six months after giving birth, the hair falls out and when he comes out again does it differently. This is due to the lack of iron, so it is very important to take vitamins and iron so that the hair grows back with the same force”.

Beyond “feed” the hair, there is little you can do when the hormones take control. Therefore, we must maintain with utmost care, choosing the right products. The stylist Alex Sestelo, with living room in Madrid, speaks of the fundamental. “Hydration is the foundation to get that mane of dream. Curly hair tends generally to be dry and brittle, so the use of a specific shampoo that will facilitate the movement of the hair, but without reaching to fix it, is key. The secret is in the shampoos and conditioners and moisturizing antiencrespamiento”.

The ingredients of these products there are be careful. “Most shampoos for curly hairs have many silicones, proteins, glicerinas and oils, that what they do is to try to avoid the frizz. But all of these ingredients end up contributing much weight to the curl”, unveils Sanguino, that recommends the right product for each hair. “If it is thick, dry, very curly, work very well products with glicerinas, silicones, parabens, fatty alcohols (derived from coconut oil), waxes (bee or carité), essential oils or shortenings. In addition, this type of curl you must avoid products with sulfates as they dry out the hair and eliminate fats and oils”.

If instead they are characterized by their fineness, low-density and fat, you should not bet on a specific shampoo. “Must use one with a neutral pH, for all hair types, purifying. Get the hair to stay afloat. The ingredients that should carry these products are glycerin, which helps to repel moisture from the environment without causing frizz; proteins, short-chain alcohols and sulfates to dry the hair. Should avoid silicones and parabens, which give an extra hydration that you do not need.”

Method of washing and drying

Claudia di Paolo explains how to wash this hair for, despite the passage of time, to maintain the best possible curls. “The important thing is to apply the shampoo in the scalp with a little massage and to pass the foam that is generated at the tips gently, best with a comb and never rubbing. Then apply the mask and, before you rinse it, desenredamos. Once removed we do not need to comb it again.”

At the time of drying, it is preferred to avoid the technology. “If you have a lot of volume, the hair will bring more. In case you get this effect, use a diffuser to direct air do not disassemble the curl,” says di Paolo, before you take the step-by-step for air drying. “And will press the hair up, as if it were a mass. It is important not to pass the fingers between the strands to prevent undo the curl. To get a curl, torneamos a little each tuft”.

What to avoid so as not to damage the curl

If you do not want to contribute to the destruction of the curl imposed by our genetic makeup, the experts provide us with a list of things you must never do with him and his alternative. Alex Sestelo is set in the tools. “Prevents the brushes. Used to untangle the hair with a comb of tines wide. And do not comb never dry, it will lose its shape.” As explained by di Paolo, better to do it with the mask applied. Sestelo added in the drying. “Do not rub hair with the towel to dry it before, you only get encresparlo. What you have to do is tighten it to remove the maximum moisture”.

Alberto Sanguino focuses on the method of washing. “Don’t do the last rinse with cold water, always do it with hot water, this will help the definition of your curls”. And if you are going to apply product to estilizarlo more, use it while it is wet. “Do not apply the product mixture of styling more serum when the hair is dry”.