Do you want to try the menstrual cup in the quarantine? Cristina Pedroche teaches you


Cristina Pedroche has returned to break the taboo around the rule in Instagram. The presenter, who is the image of a brand of cups menstrual, they tend to talk naturally of the period, and share in their social networks, the moments in which he feels bloated, has pains or is located with the mood under for the period. On this occasion, the collaborator of ‘The Anthill’ resolved the doubts of his followers about the menstrual cup, a system that many women still don’t dare to use.

Cristina Pedroche
Cristina Pedroche is the image of a brand of glasses menstrual / Gtres

The cup is not made with chemicals, it is safer than pads and tampons, as the latter can make us to develop infections. “Still many women who do not use it and I want that to change, not only by savings and by stop polluting (which of course also is), but because it is health”, has been written by the presenter in a post in answering the questions of his fans and makes it clear that most have the same doubts that she had before starting to use it.

“I wish the first time I dropped the rule, someone I would have spoken of the menstrual cup”, has written Pedroche in a publication which, through the nine questions, have you tried to make it clear how it is used, what type of care you have to be and how to perform a proper cleaning. The journalist has explained that it can be up to 12 hours in a row with it, and, if well placed, should not be noticed. The presenter, that practice yoga and other sports, as usual, has revealed that even when you have the rule continues to exercise with the cup set.

Cristina Pedroche
The presenter is usually to speak with naturalness of the rule, and the changes in your body / Gtres

What I liked the most start to use the cup was to get to know me, to know my blood. I had so many ideas in my head that they were a lie, as he was bleeding a lot, that the rule of smelled bad, or a thousand nonsense”, has revealed the collaborator of tv, who has spoken of the menses without any tapujo. Although it is one of the few celebrities who has dared to confess that to use the menstrual cup, it is not the only one that has broken the taboos around the rule. Miley Cyrus, Aitana Ocaña, Demi Lovato or Jennifer Lawrence are some of the known faces who do not hesitate to speak with complete naturalness of their menstrual cycle.