Does Cole Sprouse deceived Lili Reinhart with Kaia Gerber?


The relationship of these young actors has faced many rumours of separation since long ago, which have been avoided and justified as bad interpretations made by fans, but it seems that the couple could be separated definitely after the recent developments involving Cole and Kaia Gerber

The model of 18 years, Kaia Gerber, you have shared some posts on your Instagram personal about how is going on this quarantine, they are shows cool and relaxed, enjoying this break. However, some fans of the series Riverdale have managed to identify that Kaia has been spending time with Cole Sprouse in his department.

The frequent meetings have led fans to question if Cole would be cheating Lili, or if your relationship might be over, and it raised suspicions about that, after hearing about what was going on, Lili Reinhart had left to follow Cole on Instagram, but Sprouse is still among the accounts she follows.

Also, it is not known with certainty if the meetings between Kaia and Cole represent something more than a friendshipsince the model has been met with other friends during this season, including Cara Delevingne.

While the pair of actors has denied several times the rumors that claim that their relationship faces problems, fans of Lili have raised your concern in the event that she was being a victim of infidelity. And you, do you think that Cole is cheating on Lily?

Recently, the mascot of Lili Reinhart was the victim of an attack while both gave a ride.