Edward James Olmos: “If you can vote, vote for Joe Biden”


In the four decades as an actor and director, the artist mexican american Edward James Olmosnever has endorsed any presidential candidate of the united States, in spite of the multiple approaches that have made him both democrats and republicans.

But the difficult situation facing the united States response to the pandemic of the COVID-19 and the “poor” response of the government of president Donald Trump, have left to know that this can not continue to lead the country. That’s why this year, for the first time in his career, Olmos endosará and ask for a vote for that until now looms as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.

In my life, I have never endorsed any candidate for the presidency publicly, despite multiple orders from Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump, four years ago. But this year, after everything that has happened in the last few days with this president that is dividing the federal government with the states -which is very dangerous-I’m going to tell people, especially those who understand us in Spanish, which, if they can vote, have to vote for Joe Biden. It is very important that as you change this government. I want my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, children and family can have a different sensitivity to that today this government against humanity but very specifically against latinos,” said the actor by phone from Los Angeles, where it remains in quarantine along with his family.

Olmos, a staunch supporter of the causes of the latino community in the united States, said he is convinced that the best way to help on this occasion, your people is not only telling him to come out to vote in November of this year, but that does not do it for Donald Trump. “It is very dangerous what is going on and this could have an impact very, very hard. Is destroying totally the heart of the democracy of this country”, he added.

Like thousands of people around the world, the artist has lived very close to the health crisis. He confessed that his sister, who is a nurse in the city of Los Angeles, it was found positive to the virus recently and that came to be in intensive care. Fortunately, he argued, already left the hospital and is recovering at his home.

“She was able to win the coronavirus, but there are many, especially latinos, african americans, and indigenous people, who have not been able to beat him,” said the actor, nominated for an Oscar.

Go ahead with LALIFF virtual edition

Edward James Olmos, founder of The los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF), announced that this year’s edition will be completely virtual and free of cost, through what has been called LALIFF Connect. The event kicked off on April 14 with a retrospective of what was presented last year. Such a billboard will run until 4 may.

Then, on may 5, will officially open the new edition, which will run until the 31st of the same month. Both offers include feature films, short films, series, master classes and musical presentations, which will be available through the web page www.latinofilm.org.

“The most important thing of all this is that it is free to the entire community. Everything will be free and that is wonderful. What we want with this is to bring a little hope to the people in the middle of what is going on in the world,” said the actor, who said that it was important to conduct the event to continue supporting the filmmakers, latinos.

The edition of 2020 will open with the film “The last balsero”, Carlos Rafael Betancourt and Oscar Ernesto, who tells the story of a man, a cuban who risks his life in the straits of Florida in search of his father in Miami. But for a political change unexpected, becomes the first undocumented cuban in the united States. “It is a movie that has had a critical incredible and that raises an unexpected situation”, told Olmos about the film that opens this new virtual edition.

Other films that will be part of the billboard are “Paper Children (Children in role)”, directed by Alexandra Codina, who explores the hidden crisis of refugees in the united States, as well as “She is Cristina”, which was produced by the actress Salma Hayek, which tells the story of a 30 year old woman who faces the consequences of the decisions she has made throughout her life.

Edward James Olmos explained that something that will characterize this issue is that most of the films have been directed by women, giving them the visibility they deserve, as pointed out. “It was time that we had that involvement,” he said.

LALIFF Connect, will include participations musical of The Mere Candelaria, DJ José Galván, DJ Vick Jagger and Linda Nuves from Chulita Vinyl Club. There will also be the alternate version (YCPLiveReads) to complement its educational programme Youth Cinema Project (YCP), which supports teachers and students.

“For me it is a wonder what we are doing and I think that even when all this happens, we will continue this way. This means that we are going to put the festival in the theatre as we have done for more than 20 years, but if the people love and participate in this digital version and can be enjoyed in all parts of the world, so we will leave it also on this digital platform”said Olmos.

To know the complete schedule of LALIFF, you can access www.latinofilm.org.