Emotional surprise: Jennifer Aniston, drew applause after million-dollar donation to nurse infected by the COVID-19


The star of “Friends” wanted to express his appreciation to the medical staff, as many are doing throughout the world, for his tireless work in the control and care of the health crisis.

So it was that, in the midst of the usual transmission of the program “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Aniston broke in a surprise move to deliver your gratitude and admiration for Kimball Fairbanks, a nurse from Utah who contracted the COVID-19 while she was at her work medical.

“I just have to say god bless to all of you who are doing what they are doing,” said the actress through a video call on live. “Simply, I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to all that you are doing, putting their health in jeopardy and all that. You are just phenomenal”, he confessed to Fairbanks.

“Today I feel better. I woke up and decided that since I’m not sick,” said the nurse, when he was asked about his state of health and the development of the virus in your body.

However, the biggest surprise had not yet come for the young of Utah, since by the end, the american star made a surprising announcement. Gift, sent him a card with 10 thousand dollars (over 8 billion chilean pesos) by courtesy of Postmates, so that you can comfortably perform the quarantine at your home, more now that it should remain for a long time away from their loved ones.

See here for the touching moment: