Ensure Scarlett Johansson caused that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are enemies


Ensure Scarlett Johansson caused that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are enemies(INSTAGRAM)
Ensure Scarlett Johansson caused that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are enemies | INSTAGRAM

The actor Hugh Jackman revealed that his famous enmity with the actor Ryan Reynolds was triggered by Scarlett Johansson while they were in the filming of his movie “Wolverine”.

Well we know that the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson is one of the largest and most sought after celebrities in Hollywood, as to others of his indescribable talent as actíz, your unique beauty is what makes it be so well known.

However, it was not known how the valuable piece of information: she had been the real cause that originated the famous “enmity” that exists between the gandiosos actors, her now ex-husband Ryan Reynolds and his dear friend, Hugh Jackman.

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Because it was in his last interview with the american media, where the interpreter of“Wolverine” decided to tell about the moment she was born, the friendship-hate with the main character of “Deadpool”.

“I met him in Wolverine, and I used to scan it because I was a good friend of Scarlett Johansson and she was first married to Ryan… So that when he arrived at the set I thought: it Is better that you perform well here, friend, because I’m watching you”, he recalled during the conversation, as he smiled subtly.

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“We started to talk to us that way and everything was intensifying with Deadpool, he called me and intense manipulate through the social networks to do what he wanted,” added the quoted actor Australian.

For those who were not aware or simply not what they had noticed, for several years, Hugh and Ryan make constant challenges and declarations of hatred (obviously as a joke) in their social networks. One reason why Jackman said, you can spend up to five hours of their day thinking of different ways to exact revenge on Reynolds.

One of the moments of the rivalry, Ryan-Hugh better known, by the way, went viral at the end of the year 2018 was when the also singer with the help of actor Jake Gyllenhaal cheated on Ryan making him believe that he was invited to a party that had to wear a sweater, “ugly” Christmas, while the rest of the attendees to the event came to visited casual wear.

Clearly, the whole issue of hate and being enemies is a way to show how much they and of the great friendship that has been forged.