Eugenio Derbez confused with another woman, Alessandra, call it by another name


Eugenio Derbez once more is in the eye of the hurricanebecause just get out of a when it comes to another, and this time mistook his wife Alessandra Rosaldo with another woman in the call it by another name.

Throughout his life he has had various partners, including Victoria Ruffo, Dalilah Polanco, Sarah Bustani, so that you could understand that so many women that has had it get to confuse.

It is not to be frightened, since he did not do so by accident, or unconsciously, as on this occasion it was a joke of bad taste toward his wife.

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In the video that was published in his official account of Instagramthe comedian reveals something that bothers me Alessandra is that you call it by another name

So he thought that this would be a amazing joke you might ask, but apparently it was of the hands.

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It was there when Eugene came to his wife and called it “Sandra“by what Rosaldo reacted quickly and he asks him to repeat again as it was called.

As seen in the video, Alessandra was already disgusted with him, so Eugene to calm the situation, he mentions that “Sandra” it is also part of his name.

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It seems that she not enjoyed anything from the joke he did that until you asked her to stop harassing you and he did wash the dishes, but he ends up refusing.

It is evident that all this is because of the quarantinesince it is known that he is quite a joker, so now Alessandra is your single white of jokes.

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In spite of this, perhaps Eugenio need go down some lines to your game because it is not known when the end of the insulation and this could cause some serious losses in your life.