Even Halle Berry has her hands “tanned” so much bleach (not the nails): what can we do?


So much bleach and alcohol in gel is leaving marks on our hands. Even the same Halle Berry you will note in the photo of the hand that you shared on Instagram, although her nails are impeccable. How to avoid the dermatitis of the hands in the hands in times of Coronavirus, the Dr. Clara Hernandez Gazcón gives us the answer.

During this quarantine the use of bleach, cleaning products and alcohol gel has generated a wave of dermatitis of the hands. The abrasive effect and drying of this type of products not only sweeps away the normal flora protective of the skin, but also dries the skin causing cracks and eczema.

Halle Berry shared a photo of her hand in his account of Instagram. Photo: IG

How do we avoid this from happening? There are in the market multiple creams designed for the care of the hands but if you do not have available in house we can use moisturizers body that are rich in urea and vitamin A that help to hydrate and reepitelizar the skin. The use of these creams should be repeated at least two times before day (yes, you read it right I said at least twice a day).

So he showed his hand Halle Berry. Photo: IG

A great help is also the vaseline solid, which lubricates the skin allowing it to retain water and close the fissures that appear when the skin is cortajea. It is also important to take into account that should be used at least twice a day and it takes longer to be absorbed, which is why we have to use it at some point that we don’t need to manipulate anything with our hands.

If the dryness in addition to red areas, and cracked it is important to consult with your dermatologist to assess whether it is necessary to use creams with corticosteroids and/or antibiotics local to help to the proper development and healing of the skin. Currently, many dermatologists are implementing video calls to help patients to take care of yourself without breaking the quarantine.

He advised the Dra Clara Hernandez Gazcon (MN 116.743)
Medical director of the Center Dermatology Dra Clara Hernandez Gazcon
Medical ad honorem Children’s Hospital Ricardo Gutierrez
A member of the medical team at the Research Center in Tissue Engineering and Cellular Therapy (CIITT)