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Thousands of users were impacted with a viral video that was shared in Facebook, due to the fact that a young man had no better idea than to use noodles instant soup to repair the wood floor of your home. He obtained an unexpected result after completing all the procedure, which became trend in a matter of hours in social networks of countries such as Mexico, Spain, United States.

The audio-visual material, published on Facebook by the page Curious Ben, starts showing us a wooden floor with a huge hole. Instead of changing the floor, a young man decided to use the famous instant noodles to repair it.

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As you can see in the images, which are more than 4 million views on Facebook, the young man breaks the block of instant noodles and cover the hole. Then take a little bit of instant glue to grip firmly.

Later, we see that the young file the surface until all that remains is a couple. With the help of a hair dryer is going deshumedeciendo the painting and the varnish which stack on top of instant noodles. Little by little, we noticed that the color is going darker and darker, but it is not the same.

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In order to give it the final touches, the author of the video of Facebook grab a pencil and start to paint marks that typically have the wood. To the surprise of all in the social networks, the result is incredible, as it seems that would not have suffered damages.

If you want to know the details of this particular trick home with instant noodles, then you can not miss the following viral video of Facebook. You can also review the images of our gallery; just swipe the main image to the left.

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Mix noodles instant soup with boiling oil and the unexpected result surprises everyone

A recent video posted in Facebook has become viral and has surprised more than one, to show what happens when you place them in boiling oil a lot of noodles for instant soup. A young person combined both products without imagine that you would have a tasty result. The images of the quirky clip is returned trend in social networks of countries such as Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

As you can see in the first few minutes of the viral video of Facebook, the funny man threw a large amount of oil inside of a deep fryer. Then, put the instant noodles until they attain cook. We leave the images that are trend in the social networks.

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Is it possible to repair a pan rotated with noodles instant soup?

Through Facebook, we shared a video that has become viral and has surprised a lot of users, because that reveals the time in which a young man tries to repair a pan broken. The boy shows you, step by step, how to do this to achieve this with success, so that the images did not take long to become a trend in various social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico, United States and Spain.

Curious Ben, the channel of Facebook, which published the video, is famous for its unique experiments. The last of these left without words to his thousands of followers, who were able to appreciate the steps that you must follow if you want to repair something with instant noodles.

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Young manufactures guitar to base of noodles ‘ramen’ and thousands of users are surprised

You’ll be stunned. Thanks to the well known YouTube platform has unveiled a new viral video, which has left shocked thousands of users in the social networks. The images were published by the well-known portal 9GAG, and currently has almost 2 million of reproductions on the platform.

The young man takes multiple packages of instant soup and removed the blocks of noodles dehydrated; after an arduous process, teaches the result. Thousands of netizens they were surprised, because they didn’t expect the guitar to work. The images they are now a trend in United States and Mexico.

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