Filtered photo of Jennifer Lopez at the beach: he turned around and Surprise you have fallen!


In the last few hours, shocked the photos in the social networks where Jennifer Lopez enjoys the beach with her fiance Alex Rodriguez. It should be noted that the same are old but the dispute is another: what happened to JLo behind? We all were numb!

Jennifer Lopez, or more commonly known as ‘The Queen of the Bronx’, he triumphs in pop music since the 90’s.

Between your talent and beauty, the american artist surprised by their great skills (and qualities) to grab the attention of the fans. It is brutal!

Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl.

In addition, it is undeniable the origins puerto rican of JLo, not only for his voice but for his physical. It was always remarkable at the time put on tight clothes, tights or sport or even jeans. But it seems that was all a lie!

Spread these photos a few months ago, where singer Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, the exbeisbolista Alex Rodriguez, spend some alone time enjoying the beach.

It is impossible not to highlight the abdomen of the actress also, but when turning left it in the evidence that perhaps there is photoshop to make certain arrangements, and, in addition, enlarge it. Do you believe that to be true?