Greeicy Rendn will be pregnant and this video will be able to confirm Mike Baha could not believe it!


One of the couples of the moment is the dominating Greeicy Rendn and Mike Baha, who already have a long time together to the delight of their fans, will be able to have a baby soon.

All the rumors arise after that are aware of the existence of an alleged video where the boyfriend of the singer colombian appears reading the result of a pregnancy test, which according to gave positive.

Social networks quickly moved to find the material everyone is talking about until they showed up in the media, who showed the evidence of the alleged state of tape that the actress you will be presenting.

However to the surprise of all, the trat of a great joke that the songwriter Kissing him jug to his partner, who I could not believe what was happening.

In the beginning of the video he looks excited to the artist, who will be making the idea that he is going to be in pap and to his lament, Greeicy Rendn revealed to him that it was all a lie.

It is known that both the celebrity of 27 years and Mike Baha tend to get all types of jokes, but it was certainly the most elaborate and cruel of her.

The fanticos of the personality born in Cali he criticized the game, because they saw how excited he was your partner, but without a doubt the result was hilarious to many and was registered for eternity.