Halle Berry explodes by the criticisms to your child


Halle Berry broke out against the intolerant than piped in with his son of six years old for wearing heels. The actress, winner of an Oscar and a mother of two sons is currently isolated in his home with his family, and share the regular updates of Instagram with their fans to keep them informed.

Recently posted a video of their son, Maceo, walking by your home, with a fabulous pair of leather boots white high-heels. “Day 12 of quarantine,” wrote under the video of Maceo happily tucked in to the boots of great size.

Although it was more of a harmless enjoyment to a child trapped in the insulation was sufficient for some enfurecieran with the comments. “I hope it’s your daughter,” wrote one, referring to the 12 year-old girl from Berry. “Unfortunately it is your child…“answered another.

Other commentators came up with “Stop acting as if this was normal“, “There’s nothing fun in this”, “please, don’t let this guy think this is okay”, “My son never played with heels“and “whatYour mother is doing gay?”

When a person is referred to his son as “she”, Berry gave the sharp but simple answer: “Well, it is a he and is having fun. “Try to cope with the situation as best you can. The laughter helps a lot right now! It is very tight for these children right now. We will laugh and have a bit of compassion.” The actress rarely share photos of your children on social media and always darkens their faces when you do so, and after the last fiasco, we can see why.

“I just don’t want paste them all over the internet,” said Berry Today in 2019. “That doesn’t feel right to me. They are going to do that very soon. That’s going to be your life when you grow up, and will you choose when you start.”