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While your competitors are issued in the form of horizontal tvs, Quibi adapts its content to the vertical format to see the chapter of a series

Quibi it is a platform of on demand content whose main feature is to display content short and in portrait format. An application well-cared for, three months of free trial period, reproduction and vertical content brief are some of the features of this new service.

Its catalogue includes series, contests, documentaries, and news programs, all with the premise to last less than ten minutes and with a bet by stars of first level as Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Kristen Bell and Alex Rodriguez.

In short journeys by public transport, waiting for a turn on a row or on a break of study… those are the moments you want to occupy the application, which also starts with the Latin content.

Despite the fact that the market begins to show signs of saturation after which giants such as Apple, Disney and Amazon has been added to the veterans Netflix and HBO, the new platform will differentiate itself by producing all of its contents, thinking on the screens of our smart phones.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the bets of Quibi

Jennifer Lopez is one of the bets of Quibi

While your competitors are issued in the form of horizontal tvs, Quibi adapts its content to the vertical format to see the chapter of a series in the same way in the chat WhatsApp.

In fact, though it also offers the classic option, the application is only available for mobile phones and for the moment does not have the intention of making the leap to the tv.
The mark indicated by: Quibi is the contraction of “quick bites” -small bites in English.

With the immense amount of stimuli and notifications that appear on the mobile, it is no secret that, for many evil, our capacity of concentration is becoming lower. For this reason, the platform is betting on a track scattered with formats of between 6 and 9 minutes longand the promise of not to exceed 10 minutes. The bet makes sense if you notice that the video was the king of the network in 2019.

What is Quibi App?

The application of Quibi it is available both in Android as in iOS. Achieved that, even with a catalog, relatively adjusted, the browsing experience is addictive thanks to a “scroll” infinity on multiple cards. In the case of iOS there is a small force feedback every time we change card.

The cards Quibi show a small summary video of the seriesdata such as length, genre, actors, etc, These cards show us a lot of information: title, genre, series, episode, duration, summary of the series and even a preview (a small trailer) with audio and sound.

At the level of options, you can find more information about the series, add it to your favorites (follow-up), download the episode or to share it. To see the series not have more that clicking on any of these cards to begin playing the content.

Even the playback bar of the chapters is located vertically. When you are playing content everything is adapted to the vertical format. In fact, until the playback bar is located in the vertical. In terms of the options, you can rewind, pause or forward video, enable subtitles, and share the chapter through another application.

Contents of Quibi: bet for the vertical format

The contents of Quibi are from the united States, with large Hollywood celebrities as protagonists. When you open the application we recommend the series Survive starring Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones).

There are other big names such as Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games) or even documentaries about LeBron James. Is content american without a bend, although with the possibility of adding subtitles in Spanish.

The contents are well thought out for the durations short, they manage to engage from the first moment, and at the level of visual quality are at the height of any other platform on-demand content.

The main point of Quibi is that the contents are intended to be played in vertical. However, if we turn the phone we can see them full screen, a completely different experience as we envision a lot more content. To this end, the platform takes advantage of that the cell distinguishes the format of the video.

The series of Quibi is recorded and edited thought-out in the vertical format, so that we will not miss any relevant information when we are not playing in full screen.

Quibi: ambitious commitment

Quibi is a service in which they invested, according to versions news, more than a billion dollars. The cost per chapter ranges between 20,000 and 50,000 dollars.

The vertical format fast since it was conquered by Instagram and TikTok. Quibi arrives to take a dip with this format, with most of the major participants in the “war of the streaming.”

Quibi competes in the vertical format with Instagram and TikTok.

Quibi competes in the vertical format with Instagram and TikTok.

The reason for Quibi is to deliver content fast and entertaining to watch in portrait. Many users spend hours in the the “feed” of Instagram or TikTok watching short videos and Quibi comes to show that you can use this same format to make quality content. It also anticipates the move by YouTube, that this year will launch a similar format.

You can download Quibi from the App Store or Google Play Store, and take advantage of the 90-day trial at no cost if you registrás before April 20. After the trial period, you’ll be able to opt for the monthly subscription of 5 dollars with commercials, or pay $ 8 monthly to access the version without commercials.

Quibi plans to launch 175 shows original in its first year and 8,500 pieces of content. Between the celebrities that you can find within the platform are highly acclaimed directors such as Peter Farrelly, Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro; and stars such as Demi Lovato, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Tyra Banks, Zac Efron, Bill Murray, Anna Kendrick, Joe Jonas, among others.

Demi Lovato is another one of the bets of Quibi

Demi Lovato is another one of the bets of Quibi

Its founder is the producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, a Hollywood heavyweight who has worked on classic Disney like The Lion King (1994) and Aladdin (1992), in addition to collaborating with the studios of Paramount and DreamWorks. Katzenberg has hired the former director of the technology company Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman to lead enterprise Quibi.

With this beginning, the product has been able to sign Demi Lovato for a program of interviews, to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to participate in a “reality show” and Will Smith, who released his own form of comedy.

This move clearly millennial -or even Generation Z – of Quibi has resulted in priority given to the public Latina community is increasingly important in the united States and equally large in the rest of the world.

Telemundoone of the major chains, hispanic, produces for Quibi two-day programs designed for the latino public, which although will be mainly in English, will take the point of view of a community fully bilingual.

On the one hand, “Pulse News” is an informative 10 minutes which collects information “for the young latinos born in the U.S. who are bilingual and speak Spanish at home with their parents”, you define your host Andrea Martinez.

On the other, “For the Culture“it will be a summary of five minutes with the news, cultural and entertainment most important of the day. Now it remains to be seen if in full quarantine for the coronavirus, the audience responds to the new product.

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