I can’t take any more! Drew Barrymore admits to having difficulties in your home don’t know what to do!


The quarantine has not been easy for Drew Barrymorewho at the beginning thought that it would be a “ride” to be with their children for a few days but when it is realized that it is not so, no doubt all his plans were affected and admitted that he has made difficult the task.

From the first moment that extend the confinement to the great threat of the spread of the Covid-19, the actress he understood that it had to be both mother, caregiver and teacher of their small Olive 7 years old, and Frankie, 5 years old.

“I think that there are good hours and bad, I tried to find a routine with my daughters and ride a bike, ride on car, games. And then started school and it all went out the window,” admitted the celebrity american.

These statements of the former wife the comedian Tom Green made in an interview distance learning for the program the Today Show, in which he recognized its difficulties when you started the time to give lessons to your primogénitas and leave the games to one side.

“Cried every day, throughout the day and it was the most confusing of my entire life. To be a teacher, parent, discipline, be a caregiver,” confessed the director he spent his most difficult days at the start of the quarantine.

However all of this made him enter in reason and understood everything that they have to spend the educators, who have to deal with all that and made the activist respect even more to that profession.

“Then I thought, my God, and the teachers have children. Can survive because they can go and work with other children? I didn’t think I needed to respect and appreciate teachers more than I already did,” he admitted Drew Berrymore.