Jason Momoa becomes the Han Solo of Dune



Since I Have Only made its debut in the original trilogy of Star Wars, every space opera has its own rogue. And in the new version of Dune Denis Villeneuve this paper has concentrated on Jason Momoa, who plays the master swordsman Duncan Idaho. In fact, the actor is not afraid to be compared to Harrison Ford’s character.

Duncan Idaho is the warrior who will train in the art of the sword at the protagonist Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), and although the character has a secondary role in the novel of Frank Herbert, Momoa has ensured that the tape of Denis Villeneuve will have more weight, and even steal some scenes with their mischief in the style of Han Solo.

Although in the first image of Idaho published by Vanity Fair Momoa appeared with long hair and a neat and clean shirt, as she explained the actor in the program of Ellen DeGeneres, will be more of a warrior rebel, more than a noble. “I play this character, Duncan Idaho, that is a kind of master swordsman who has become the right hand of the Duke Leto, Oscar Isaac,” he explained.

“He is the first person sent to land on the planet Dune (Arrakis) and that is when I know the character of Javier Bardem. I can’t believe that you had a scene with Bardem!”, added Momoa excited to be working with the Spanish actor. “It is a film giant, and my role may be small. It’s like the Han Solo of the group. Is the warrior rebel who protects Timothée Chalamet, and serves to Oscar Isaac.”

The version of Dune Denis Villeneuve hit theaters next December 18. The cast also includes Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson as the duke and duchess of Caladan, Josh Brolin as the personal trainer of Paul and Dave Bautista, and Zendaya, among others