Jessi Uribe has dispatched against their critics


Jessi Uribe it is currently a trend in social networks a strong message that they left to their haters. The artist made sure I had time in this quarantine and that he was going to block all that criticized.

Everything seems to indicate that the folk singer is tired of all the criticism it has received by separating from his wife Sandra Barrios and start a relationship with your colleague Paola Jara. In addition, he was recently attacked on social networks by pass the quarantine with his girlfriend and not with his four children.

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“I have enough time to block, so that please all those who speak of the c*l* my comment as to not to see you all again here. Clowns with perfect lives. Follow me the good,” was the controversial message that he wrote.

The interpreter ‘Ok’ though it received the support of some of his colleagues, was also strongly criticized by internet users and ensured that you went up fumes and he forgot where he came from.

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“It is believed very important, all that blocks them is doing you a favor”, “I just know that it is an immature… you note that you do not know how to carry the fame”, “You forget that without these followers the would not be what it is today, nor had the luxuries that you have”, “He rose the fame, that pity for him. The truth is what I follow. Ridiculous”, “Neither Beyonce, nor The Kardashian believe in bothpoor , ridiculous, better go to do another lipo and a thousand surgical procedures to increase their estimates”, were some of the messages that you received.

On the other hand, Jessi and Paola Jara are sorting out the jackets that they used in the video of his popular song ‘As if nothing‘.