Karol G: 10 songs beyond ‘Tusa’ | Today


If you say the name of Carolina Giraldo Navarro may possibly not sound like anything. It could be your neighbour, your cousin or your medical practitioner. The thing changes when we talk about Karol G, artistic name by which we know it. Then we come to the head of the divas in music. The colombian has become one of the artists most requested thanks to the numerous hits that have their backs.

Although on the other side of the atlantic, in Colombia, Karol G it takes years to be successful; in Spain, his fame mass has now been reached, thanks to the massive success of Tusa. And is that the hit which has released the artist next to Nicki Minaj is one of the songs of the season. Why? It has been the first song by a female artist to debut at number 1 on the list Latin Billboard; a sum almost 800 million views on Youtube; artists Elite have fallen prostrate before the subject; and, of course, has topped the list of LOS40 on several occasions. No, at this point no one doubts the success of Cob (though of what the word means, but to deliver you from doubt as we are).

But before that Karol G to launch this great song, the colombian had already won a dozen great songs. And we are not surprised! The artist takes you from the age of 16 years in the industry, when launched By you. Yes, it was not until 2017, with 26, when he launched his first album: Unstoppable. Two years later, the singer released Ocean with great songs such as My Bed and Point G.

In LOS40, for all those who have discovered this diva litani thanks to Tusa, we leave 10 of their best great songs. Take note!


Without a doubt, Ocean it is full of great songs. One of the gems reguetoneras that we found is Pineapple. With a base that you gets in the body, infecting every nerve cell and making it dance, the song is a wonder.

“If I turn off the light, you want to understand that I know that you prefer to play what you want to see,” the artist says in the chorus. And is that the letter is full of sensuality, hinting of a stylish way. In addition, the video clip, where it appears Karol and a group of women as a true amazon, is a past.

My Bed

Before Tusathe biggest hit of Karol G solo was My Bed. An urban song that surprised thanks to its chorus, in which the course sound of the springs of a mattress is the protagonist.

For the occasion, Karol G bet by a letter and fun-filled messages with ulterior interpretations. And it is that we will never know if the direct messages of Benzema referred to the singer in the song were true. Another thing that we love is the video, where Karol G shows us one of the typical festivals of your city Medellín: the day lighting of the candles which takes place on the 7th of December.

After the success of My Bed, the colombian was encouraged to launch a rémix’s theme together with J Balvin and Nicky Jam. Let’s go, a collaboration of luxury!


But not everything is going to be to move the skeleton with Karol. The colombian also has ballads the most beautiful (of those that take us out a few tears and make us want to write in our journal). One of them is Ocean. Accompanied by a beautiful melody on the piano, the artist dedicates some beautiful words full of love to his beloved (that is neither more nor less than Anuel AA).

“I feel great for you, and although I tried I could not without you,” says the singer. Woe, the states of Tuenti that you had written these words in his time.


Karol G has spent years going out with another of the kings of urban music: Anuel AA. In fact, the couple has brought several themes together since they started. Is more, just a few days ago that they pulled out Follow.

But it has not been the only one. The media grooms have taken Guilty (that sum more than 800 million views on Youtube), you Say that you’re going and, of course, Secret. This last became one of the most played songs of 2019. That “bebesita” it is a cry that we associate with Anuel since then.

In addition, Karol G has participated in the rémix of China, the topic you have next to Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and J Bavin. We will, all an explosive mixture.


We return to the Karol G of the ballads. This time a theme of 2017 where the singer speaks directly to the new girlfriend of her former spouse. The colombian warns the girl to be careful with this guy. “Today I want to tell her that if she was with me so it will be with her.”

Now call me

In 2017, Karol G released a song together to Bad Bunny: Now call me. A topic full of girl power, where the artist makes sure that it does not need any man to be happy: “Now I just want to go out with my own squad, it is because the night is mine”.

With a base R&B, the collaboration became a hit that today amount to nearly 800 million views on Youtube. Who I was going to say to both of them in 2020 would be two of the international artists most followed? This was just a taste of the future they had ahead.


It seems that the G has accompanied the colombian in his career, not only in his stage name, also in one of his songs more catchy. With the same formula of My Bed, where the base gets prominence in the chorus, G-Spot it is one of the most fun of the singer.

Again, Karol returns to bet by the sensuality of playing with words. In fact, the singer makes reference even to the subject who refused to sing with Becky G and Natti Natasha. We speak, of course, of Without Pajamas: “I’m for my bed, without pajamas. Listening to music all weekend.”


The year was 2016 when Karol G and Ozuna worked. It may not be the best song of any of the two, but they are the beginnings of the colombian industry. The artist was already beginning to be someone, and, next to Ozuna, launched Hello.

We have to make a special mention to the video clip, where artists get into the skin of a partner.

Almost Nothing

Yes, Karol G also did pop the use. Away from the reggaeton, the artist launched in 2016 Almost Nothing, a song that could work on an album of David Bisbal. With a flamenco guitars in the background and a few “ohh” in the chorus, this style is far to the Karol G that we know today.

Although the artist moves well also in this Latin pop, without a doubt, we have fallen without a great queen of reggaeton if you would have followed this path.

Believe me

Although it costs us believe the small dialog sobreactuado that have Karol G and Maluma at the beginning of the clip Believe mewe have to acknowledge that this half-time hooks you from the first note. In addition, the couple comes out gorgeous from the first minute in the video.

The union of the colombian managed to add more than 300 million views on Youtube with the subject.

Without a doubt, Karol G has a list of great hits to their swords. The artist has become one of the divas of the industry today and we are confident that this is only the beginning. Long life to Queen G!